Saturday, January 15, 2022

The benefit of the Covid shot will drop over time, especially with Omicron (and future even weaker variants).
The risk of the Covid shot will likely remain stable unless the shot's ingredients are changed, even if that risk is never known. At some point, those non-parallel lines have to cross, if they haven't already, and the risks will outweigh the benefits.

Time's Up flags on Zazzle

At the suggestion of a reader, I tried Zazzle for the flags. That will probably work for now.

The flags aren't regular flags, but are "house flags". They are more expensive, since I'm not subsidizing them this way. Still, it's better than nothing, and even though I won't make much from them, I won't be losing money by simply offering them for sale. It's a net win.

I was also able to add car flags.

So, there they are. Feel free to buy as many as you want.


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Play with fire and you'll get burned

I knew Stewart Rhodes-- online-- back before he started Oathkeepers. I've been critical of the group because I don't think the kind of people he tried to influence to not be criminal scum are redeemable. But I don't blame him for trying. It's good to do your best before writing off an entire category of people as tools of the Ancestral Enemies.

I also criticized the group because, obviously, they ignored the numerous violations committed just by joining the legislation enforcement gang or the government's military-- before any other crimes were committed.

But, Stewart always seemed sincere and optimistic. And peaceful and liberty-loving. If he became "far-right", he changed since I knew him-- but why would I believe anything the fake news says about him? That would be stupid. His only flaws were that he believed in the Constitution and wanted to work within the rigged system, playing by its rules. He wanted to effect a positive change and avoid war. And he got screwed.

Those who arrested him-- kidnapped him at gunpoint-- violated their oaths by doing so. Where were those who were keeping their oaths by defending him from the violators?

Rhodes' arrest is a warning to not get involved in politics. Don't try to play the rigged game by their rules. They are the enemy and they will use your friendliness against you. 


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