Tuesday, April 14, 2020


A government-supremacist is an extreme statist. Not just someone who acts as though they believe governing others to be a legitimate human endeavor but someone whose behavior demonstrates the assumption that political government is superior to and naturally above society and the individuals in a society.

In fact, by their words, they apparently almost always conflate the State and society, even though those are opposites.

The government-supremacist uses phrases like "our/my president", "our government", "our military", and advocates that everything should be decided and controlled in some way by the State. They seem to believe government should always have a say and a plan. There is probably no aspect of life a government-supremacist would believe is always off-limits to government intervention or oversight.

A government-supremacist never expresses real doubt as to the legitimacy of the State even if questioning whether it sometimes goes too far in specific instances.

In any discussion of politics, government, legislation, or society, government-supremacists have the lowest possible amount of credibility. Their opinions can be dismissed-- other than taking note of them as a warning of what they'd allow government to do to society... and to you.


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