Wednesday, December 06, 2023

This year has sucked

I’m on my way home from the ER. 

Suddenly, at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, the kidney stone I’ve known about since February 2015 decided to start moving. I just had time to tell my daughter what was happening before I collapsed in pain, unable to make any further intelligible sounds.

My parents came over and scraped me off the floor and took me to the hospital 30 miles away- I felt every bump on the road.

They kept me overnight for pain management and I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow to have the kidney stone removed since it’s too large to pass. I’m dreading that due to my urethra problem.

The pain medication prescription disaster (there are less polite phrases that come to mind) last night makes me hate government even more intensely. I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud to my doctor…but I was medicated. She was angry about it too.

I’m still here and if I have any posts scheduled they’ll show up as usual until I’m off the pain meds.


When the scheme doesn't work

Many people and businesses rely on government handouts. This is dangerous, but I understand why they do it. I also understand why government likes to hand out as much money as it can steal or counterfeit.

Government hands out money so it can control the recipient. 

I get a bit of a salacious thrill when that scheme doesn’t work. 

I'll always believe there's a danger in accepting anything from The State, but it's not up to me to tell others what risks they should take. 

And when I see someone using their handout in government-non-approved ways, it brings a smile to my face.

I heard of many cases of people using "stimulus" checks for guns, ammo, prepping supplies, or other things back during that era. That's just one example; I can think of many more. 

Occasionally, you'll even see a corporation biting the hand that feeds it-- usually in a small way. But it's something and I'll celebrate the little victories when I see them.

So the next time government forces some money into your hand, at least use it to undermine The State. It's kinda your duty.

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Thank you.