Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Officer paranoia

"Officer safety" has nothing to do with safety- it's all about officer paranoia.

If it really was about safety, then cops should be very relaxed and calm in any interaction with "the public".  After all, they are heavily armed, and swagger around with the knowledge that their entire gang in blue will be at their back in any scuffle between them and normal folk.  They know they have manipulated the "law" so that anything they do to you is "within departmental policy" and anything you do to resist their molesting hands is "assaulting an officer" and can be met with lethal force, "legally".

But cops aren't relaxed.  They are frantic, paranoid, and trigger happy.  They understand instinctively (even if they don't allow themselves to admit it) that their own actions have made them less safe than they would have been in the past.  People in general are not worse- cops are.  And there are real-world consequences that go along with that.

As I saw someone else say (sorry, I forget who said it) "There are no 'good cops'; there are 'nice cops'".  But by choosing (yes, they do make a choice) to show up on the job each day to enforce counterfeit "laws", they are choosing to be the bad guys- the predators.  Some can still afford to be "nice" while being the bad guys (just like the friendly neighborhood mafioso), but that number dwindles each day.  They make themselves less safe and their frantic paranoia is evidence of this fact.

Don't trust them, and never forget that no situation is so terrible that it can't be made worse by inviting a cop into the middle of it.  You think it's dangerous to handle things on your own?  Just wait til you call a cop and he shows up and immediately shoots down one of your family members who happened to twitch at the wrong time.

But you do what you want- just remember I warned you.