Monday, February 10, 2020

Scaled-up anarchy

"Anarchy doesn't scale"

Whenever I hear that assertion, I notice that they aren't ever discussing anarchy, but something else entirely. Something which doesn't scale. Something like chaos (in the negative sense of the word), where more isn't necessarily better.

Obviously, anarchy scales just fine. It's anarchy's opposite-- the State-- which falls apart as you try to scale it up. The entire known Universe-- except for certain minor "systems" existing in a thin, patchy layer on one planet-- is an illustration of just how well anarchy scales.

Remember that anarchy doesn't mean there are no rules, it's just a recognition that there are no legitimate Rulers.

Anarchy is the perfect balance between the Yin of chaos and the Yang of order-- and too much of either chaos or order can be deadly.

I suspect that what they mean when saying "anarchy doesn't scale" is that scaled-up anarchy doesn't allow them to do the state-like things they want to do. It gets in the way of artificially legitimized archation. That's a feature, not a bug.


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