Friday, November 19, 2021

Dr. Phil and all those court shows are porn for people who pretend to be offended by porn.

Would this solve inflation? Abolish all political government at every level, then burn/delete any FRNs or digital money in the possession of government. (Then open Fort Knox and let's see if there's anything left in there to be handed out to the people in restitution.)

Time's Up flag listing... fixed?

I just discovered that my Time's Up flags, which I thought were available for sale for the past month, weren't. I had paid for an entire month of "pause and build" instead of having them for sale. I think that is fixed now.

So, here again, is the listing. (Probably twice, as it tends to do.)

Don't you dare take your safety equipment with you

Demanding that someone leave their gun behind when they are going to where there is trouble is like demanding someone unhook their seatbelt if they see an out-of-control car heading toward them. It's like demanding they throw out their fire extinguishers if they smell smoke.

What kind of evil idiot would demand you get rid of your safety equipment at the moment when you most need it? Political idiots, that's who.

Anyone who holds this opinion wants you to die.


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