Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Trust the FBI?

The gang that creates "terror" plots so it can foil them and pat itself on the back (and say it needs a bigger budget) can also (and probably will) plant whatever "evidence" it wants to find during a raid.
Abolish the FBI.

My WiFi router died last night. So posting will be more inconvenient until it is replaced (which will happen when/if I can afford one). Not sure I'll miss any posts after tomorrow's newspaper column, but if I do, don't be surprised.


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If everyone acted like you...

How would the world be if everyone acted exactly like you act? The "why" of their motivations don't matter, just how they actually act. They could be doing the same thing for completely different reasons.

If everyone littered the same amount as you, would the world be clean, buried under a thick layer of trash, or somewhere in between?

If everyone wanted government to make up or enforce legislation "only" to the same extent as you do, would the world be free or an authoritarian prison?

Pick anything you do. If everyone did the same sort of thing, at the same amount you do, what would the world be like? If that sounds like a good world, congratulations! You must be doing things right. If it's not a world you'd want for your grandchildren, think about what you could do differently.


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