Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Gear post: Vest and its contents

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For years I've worn a vest every day. It's my largest holder of EDC items.

My current vest is a Wyoming Traders "buffalo leather" vest. It has lasted far longer than the canvas vests I wore before this one. But unless I can find another on eBay for a good price (the way I stumbled on this one) I'll go back to the canvas vests when this one wears out.

I always like the 4-pocket vests. This one also has an inside pocket on the left side, plus I made a soft leather pocket for the inside right. I hated for that space to go to waste.

You can examine the picture to see what I actually carry inside. Any comments or questions are welcomed.

I swap stuff out fairly often and change the pockets each item is in as I do. I hesitate to do this because I like knowing which pocket to reach in to find what I need, but I have found that I go into the pockets often enough that it doesn't seem to take any time to know what is where.

Now, yes it is hot here in the summer. A vest might seem like a bad choice. Really, it isn't usually an issue. If I'm miserably hot with the vest, I'm not going to be any more comfortable without the vest. I do usually take it off for lawn work, though.

You can probably understand why a metal detector in a doorway represents-- to me-- just an absolute "no-go zone". It's not worth it and I'm naked before I can make it through. I'd say that has only enhanced my life, though.


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