Monday, September 05, 2016

Working for government

It isn't right to work for government. Not at any level.

You probably don't want to admit that if you work for government and like your paycheck, but it doesn't change reality.

A job that comes with a government paycheck- financed with money stolen from others (or counterfeited by the Federal Reserve, as the case may be)- is NOT an honest job. No matter how good it makes you feel. No matter if you believe you are doing a good thing. You aren't.

A government paycheck is welfare, but of a type that is much more harmful than simply getting money for nothing- a government paycheck is welfare given as a reward for harming people. It doesn't matter that the recipient claims they "worked for it".

I feel sorry for those who go into denial over this and try to make excuses or point fingers elsewhere.

Why would I say that it isn't right to have a government job, knowing it will hurt feelings of people I know personally and care about? Because I do care about them and don't want to see them compromising themselves. I don't really care if strangers I don't like choose archation over cooperation. People I don't like probably suck anyway, so what else would I expect from them? But people I care about? I don't want them lowering themselves to that level. As tempting as it may be, and as rewarding as the paycheck is, it isn't right and they need to know.

A big "thank you!" to supporters of this blog. I probably couldn't keep doing this without you.