Friday, June 05, 2020

Why reform, and preserve, evil?

Should chattel slavery have been reformed instead of abolished?

So it is with the police-- legislation enforcement gangs. There is no acceptable way to reform that gang, they must be abolished, Totally. The institution is an abomination and can't be made otherwise.

Yes, the legislative fiction of "qualified immunity" needs to be scrapped. It's the Nuremberg "defense" as policy. I bet the Nuremberg defendants would have given anything to have been protected by that corrupt "legal" concept! And it's just as unethical-- as evil-- no matter who it protects. But it's still not the core problem. The existence of the "job" of police is that core, and it needs to be dug out and burned as a biohazard.

I don't need or want police. If you use them against me you are my enemy and a bad guy (since I will not have archated against you) and I don't want to have them used against you "on my behalf" [sic]. I'm not that much of a loser.

Abolish the police.

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