Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Autistic shrieking"? Nope.

How silly is this new meme of calling rational libertarian/anarchist objections to blatant statism "autistic shrieking"?

Incredibly silly-- and probably insulting to both the libertarian and the autistic. But, it follows a pattern I've noticed before, in unrelated areas.

When someone is telling you something you don't want to hear, it seems louder. It grates on your ears and sets your nerves on end. I've had my daughter tell me to "stop yelling" when I'm telling her something, in a normal tone of voice, that she doesn't want to hear. Truth can be uncomfortable, and that discomfort can be mistaken for a higher volume.

The truth that anarchy is the only ethical way to live hurts many people's ears, thus they want to accuse you of "shrieking" to cover for their own discomfort. So, when someone accuses you of "autistic shrieking" while you are defending liberty, know you've hit a nerve and laid open their hypocrisy.

They won't thank you for it.


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