Friday, May 15, 2020

Rand Paul vs Fauci

If you believe government schools should ever reopen, you are advocating Big Government. You are a government-supremacist, not a libertarian nor "libertarian-leaning". If you're butting heads on this issue with a government-supremacist who believes government has the "authority" to keep everything closed, you're both equally wrong.

The coronapanic shouldn't keep businesses closed and shouldn't stifle voluntary association, but that's NOT what government schooling is. On either point.

It is not a business-- it gets your money whether you want to support it or not. It can fail and fail and harm kids and never get shut down for lack of "customers" because it doesn't serve customers; it serves the State. Your children are just the raw material to be ground up into fertilizer to feed the growth of the state-- government schools are the fertilizer plants.

It is not a voluntary association or no one could ever get hassled by legislation enforcers for not attending or sending their offspring. It's compulsory-- non-consensual.

Supporting government schools-- kinderprisons-- is the most radically government-supremacist position a person can take. It forms the foundation of infinite government meddling in society.

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