Friday, April 05, 2024

Beware the new Boogeyman

For a certain segment of the population, independent migrants have become boogeymen. 

They don’t call them “migrants” or even “illegal immigrants” now. Just “illegals”. "Illegal" has become a noun. And they assign all sorts of magical qualities to this sort of non-person.

If any crime happens, "It was probably an illegal".
If there's a knock on the door, "Be careful- it might be an illegal".
You have to check under the bed and watch around every corner for "illegals".
If any Hispanic people are seen, they're automatically "illegals". 

All seasonal farm workers are called "illegals" as a matter of fact. If I ask how the speaker can be certain they don't have government permission to be here, working, I'm told they are "probably illegals".

I guess no one should ever leave the neighborhood they were born in, so as not to worry others.

Reality doesn't figure in. They've become the focus of all hatred and fear. They might as well be goblins.

And then, this person would complain that these new residents might v*te for the opposition political party if they get the chance. Wow... I wonder why...

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