Tuesday, December 01, 2020

You can experience minarchy NOW

I saw a minarchist praising this congressvermin over his tweet. He said, "I love this guy". There is so much wrong with that tweet, even acknowledging that he is kinda-sorta promoting gun rights a little bit, within government-supremacist parameters. Or is he actually promoting mob rule?

I replied to the minarchist (whom I had previously mistaken for a libertarian) "There shouldn't be FFLs nor v*ting on rights or for politicians."

That set off a storm because I hadn't realized I was going to be interacting with a minarchist.

I was lectured that I should not criticize the "most minarchist" congressvermin, I should embrace "incremental steps" because most people aren't ready for Ancapistan (a condition I've never advocated), etc. You know, all the normal stuff.

I try to not alienate minarchists-- I was once one myself. And many minarchists consider themselves libertarians. But, still...

You can basically have all the benefits of minarchy today, without having to wait the rest of your lifetime for it to replace the State which currently exists, by simply ignoring the State now. That's not enough for me, but I'll take what I can get now. I'm not going to beg for a state that "allows" what I can basically already get away with.

I can't support people who violate life, liberty, or property on a regular basis, but from what I see this must be a little harder for most people. A lot of people seem to really like certain archators and seek out exceptions for them. No exceptions exist.

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