Thursday, April 20, 2023

They aren't always wrong, but...

Political people-- statists-- always have a few good ideas. But they bury them under such an avalanche of really stupid statist stuff it can be hard to dig the gems out of the chunky sewage.

The Right-statists have good positions on a few things, but they advocate so much really bad stuff that it's hard to find the good stuff in there. 

The same goes for the Left-statists. 

I hate to catch myself agreeing with either of the factions because the majority of their beliefs are so incredibly stupid and toxic that it feels like it might rub off on me if I agree with either of them about anything. I'll just wait for them to agree with me, instead.

Of course, even when they are directionally correct, they screw it up by believing that governing others is a legitimate human endeavor. Thus, "legalize and tax it" and "enforce the gun laws that already exist".

At the moment, in most of the country (and around the world), the Left-statists seem to have the most power to impose their ideas-- good, bad, and worse. This will probably flip around at some point. The only good to come from such a flip would be to undo some of the w0ke damage that has been done, but then the Right-statists will do more damage of their own variety that will need to be undone, so this is never adequate.

And, of course, whenever you're embracing a liberty-advancing position that one faction of the Statist Party happens to agree with, the others assume you agree with all the bad stuff that side advocates. They can't think beyond "us" and "them".

It gives you a good opportunity to ridicule those who make the baseless assumptions. But, don't get too caught up in it. Just know that statism prevents thought from occurring. Your detractor has shown up to pick a fight, unarmed and cocky and already believing they've won.

Statists didn't get to be statists because they were good at thinking.

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