Thursday, June 24, 2021

If you don't have an AR15, you need an AR15. Know how I know that? Because government doesn't want you to have an AR15 (neither do the government-supremacists). I was told, decades ago when I was a young adult, that any time government says you don't need X, you should go out and get X as soon as possible, because that's probably exactly what you need. I might be wrong, though. Maybe an AK-47 or an SKS would be what you need.

I doubt John McAfee killed himself. But if he did, he did it right by saying he never would kill himself and by saying who would be responsible if it looked like he did. Because now, no matter what, it looks like the murderous goons of the US feral government just committed another obvious murder and many people will never be convinced they didn't. Either way, thank you for your service, John.

No, I will not sneak your links into a blog post in exchange for the exact amount of money I have been secretly wishing would suddenly appear. Yes, I will do product reviews on free stuff I am sent to review-- that's no secret-- and I am brutally honest in those reviews; readers get my opinion, warts and all. But being sneaky about it..? No. Even if I were willing, and I'm not, my readers would see through it immediately. So, nope.

The lie that is "equity"

Equity-- "equality of outcome"-- is not only a bad idea, it's impossible. It's a lie. Lives will be ruined and wasted in the doomed attempt to secure it.

Even if the attempt was ethical-- and it isn't-- you can't guarantee everyone will have the same outcome. There are too many factors that can't be controlled-- or even known. 

Not only that, but I don't want the same outcome that someone else might want. Even financially-- I don't want billions of dollars, but I would like to have enough to buy whatever I need or want when I need or want it. Even acknowledging the near impossibility of that circumstance, I feel no need for extra beyond that. Taking away other people's money to bring them down to my level isn't going to improve my life a bit. Probably the opposite would happen.

Plus there are things that matter more to me than money. Guaranteeing that I'll have the same outcome as someone else who values money more than I do isn't going to make me happy. And there's no way to guarantee everyone is equally happy. That's why the pursuit of happiness was mentioned in America's real founding document, not the outcome of happiness.

I don't want the same life anyone else would want.

I don't want government involved in my life the same amount that it seems others do. Again, I don't want your equity, even if you think I'm being cheated out of something,

I expect equality. I already have it, as does everyone else, although it isn't respected by archators.

Equality is better and the only real equality is that every human alive has equal and identical rights. If everyone would simply respect that fact, it would be enough. That they don't just shows why the right to self-defense is essential. Even against a president who declares war on America-- in front of cameras-- maybe without even realizing he did so.


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