Monday, December 28, 2015

"For-your-own-good laws"

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I despise "for your own good laws".

They come either from those who mimic the angry, controlling father, or those who mimic the hovering, controlling mother. Controlling what other people do is a sickness.

I understand: some people are obsessed with controlling others. As long as they limit it to people in their personal circle- people who can say "No" and back it up if need be, then it's just an individual flaw.

But when this sickness is expressed in "law", backed up and enforced under threat of death, it becomes really damaging.

Statutory rape "laws" are one of these sorts of "laws". They are really no different from bans on large sodas. Or anti-gun "laws".

These "laws" come from the control-freak mindset that you can't make your own choices which could potentially harm you- or at least harm some people under some circumstances. Why can't you be allowed to make your own choices? Because you wouldn't make the "right choice"- the choice those who dream up the "law" insist you make. So you must be prevented- I mean "protected"- from making unapproved choices. This means someone else must be empowered to make your decisions for you- using the overbearing wisdom of the control freak. Anyone stepping out of line and daring to make their own decisions will be punished.

This is often hidden behind "someone would otherwise take advantage of you" by offering you a choice the controllers have determined you shouldn't make.

And, of course, those who support such "laws" will always justify their "laws" by making excuses of why those "protected" by such "laws" can't consent, can't be trusted with making their own decisions, or whatever, and some of their justifications may have a kernel of truth and may sound reasonable.

I even see many liberty lovers who mouth support for such "laws", particularly with regard to "statutory rape"/"age of consent", due to their fears of what might happen otherwise. Expressing doubt about the ethics of such "laws" can be met with raging hatred and threats of violent death.

But think about this: why would you let The State set and define the terms? One day an act is aggression, and the very next day- actually it could be the very next second- the identical act isn't? It's absurd, and will always be absurd. By letting the statist control freaks lay out the boundaries for thought and discussion you are handing them the keys to your self determination. You are pretending they occupy the high ground- but it's really a guard tower looking over your prison camp.

Once these "for your own good" opinions get made into a "law" all reason is gone. One-size-fits-all NEVER fits all.

As I say, if you believe there needs to be a rule covering some "for your own good" things, make the rule for those you are personally responsible for, and fight them for control. But stop at that and keep your filthy "laws" to yourself. I want no part of it.


Don't be backward

"Cultural elites", like politicians and celebrities, have interesting ideas of what makes someone "backward". If you value property rights, self defense, and other things vital for survival, they will look down on you and think of you as backward. They will call you names.

The "loyal opposition" to those "cultural elites" also always find things to fault about those who don't want their "help". Self ownership, thinking for yourself (thinking at all, probably)- and again- actual property rights, and self defense apart from their beloved "law" imposition goons are frowned upon.

But, to me, there is a clear backwardness to the brutal anti-survival, anti-civilized agenda of both sides*.

The things that are truly backward are things like prohibition, anti-gun/anti-self defense "laws", "taxes", property codes/zoning, anti-sex "laws", and permits. These hearken back to the old superstitious belief in "authority". Antiquated throwbacks which have no place in any decent civilization.

If a person wants to progress, to not be a Neanderthal (although this is probably insulting to the memory of Neanderthals) there is one path: Embrace and advocate Rightful Liberty. That's it. Anything less is obsolete.

*This is misleading, because they are not different "sides", but one and the same: the anti-liberty bigot statists.