Monday, April 24, 2017

Unlucky vs evil

The reason I consider cops (and other government employees) to be worse, to be more guilty, than someone who committed negligent homicide lies with their intent.

I don't for a second believe the person who committed negligent homicide intended to cause harm. Yes he made bad choices, but so do we all. You or I could easily do something stupid which results in the death of an innocent at any time. To pretend otherwise is denial. No act is truly safe, although some are obviously more risky than others. And, intentional or not, if you cause harm, you owe restitution (which may not be possible to fully pay).

But cops make the conscious decision to do what they do; they intend to commit the acts they commit-- acts of enforcement of counterfeit "laws"-- in exchange for stolen money. And they seem to feel proud for it. Proud for doing wrong. Utterly unrepentant in almost every single case. And they expect to be thanked or even worshiped. That is disgustingly wrong. That makes them more guilty.

One is basically unlucky*; the other is the enemy of everything decent.

*We make some of our own "luck", some is randomness, and some is choices we have made combined with the random "luck of the draw". We may be confused over how much of each type we encounter in our life.

You CAN choose to not play

I'll get off the subject of cops soon- I just have a lot to get off my chest right now. Sorry.

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