Thursday, May 23, 2024

Turning normal into "shocking!"

To me, it is very strange that the simple act of carrying a gun has been turned into something that so many people see as sketchy or unusual. Something to raise an eyebrow about or to question. Or, even to consider shocking.

In reality, it's no different than drawing breath or wearing pants. Anyone trying to make it into something else is doing so as an excuse to violate you.

We are expected to believe it's something governments and cowards can legitimately control in others. That's absurd.

How did it get to this point? How did something so natural and normal get dishonestly reframed as controversial? 

It's not that guns became more dangerous, although liars with an agenda to enslave you would love for you to believe they have. 

It's not that the average gun owner has become more dangerous. There have always been irresponsible and criminal people among the population. There used to be acceptable ways to handle them without blaming the tool like a moron would do. Letting the irresponsible and criminal among us dictate what the rest of us are "allowed" to do is stupid and evil. Just don't.

I think the main change is that government has become more openly authoritarian/anti-liberty. Yes, even the most "pro-gun" politicians. Liberty is an existential threat to political government. Rights that government would prefer to violate with impunity get turned into "second-class rights"-- rights (or even privileges) with a giant "but" and all sorts of justifications for not respecting them. There are no "but"s. 

The media has, at the same time, become more pro-government-- as long as government suits their biases and is working toward the same odd, anti-human goals. Once upon a time, most of the media would have hesitated to be so staunchly and enthusiastically in favor of slavery. The dishonest ones will object to being painted with this brush today, but they are 100% pro-slavery when they call for "common sense" anti-gun legislation. Or any at all.

The majority of people have been brainwashed by governmedia into believing "safety" rules, and those crime gangs which enforce such rules, protect them. After all, for some weird reason, that's the fantasy the mainstream media and government want people to believe. It makes no sense, except that it does give politicians more power and wealth, and it encourages political criminals to give the media more access and head pats when the media carries this water for the state.

Carrying a weapon isn't sketchy or unusual, nor should it be even slightly controversial. It's a perfectly normal, natural act. And even if it becomes unusual due to pressure from the bad guys who want to destroy the exercise of this fundamental human right, it's something you ought to do anyway. Just because you exist, you're alive, and you're human. Even if it shocks those who hate you and want you unarmed.

Thank you for reading.