Thursday, February 03, 2022

Hey Canadians, "Time's Up" is for everyone

Recent events have demonstrated the stunning evil of the government-supremacists, and the depth of their lies.

Some such losers on Reddit were celebrating a truck driver being fired for draping a "right-wing terrorist flag" on his company truck. Because those Reddit losers are so w0ke and informed and all. 

A "listed terrorist entity"? Listed by whom? The Southern Poverty-pushing "Law" Center? LOL!! Zero credibility there.

It was only a "Three-percenter" flag. I disagree with the statism of many (or most) of the Threepers, but they aren't terrorists. (I accept that they might terrorize cowardly Left-Statists, though. But what opposition wouldn't?) I even incorporated the "III"-- with the permission of the originator-- into my proposed coin design that never got off the ground. 

This "terrorist" characterization is a lie just like the dangerous lie about Oathkeepers, another group I fundamentally disagree with, but which I won't lie about for Social Credit points.

I understand that a trucking company has the right to employ whomever it wants, and can prohibit any signs or flags on its trucks. Yes, they are jerks for firing the driver regardless, especially if they allow pro-tyranny designs, but whatever.

Anyway, I got to thinking: Time's Up flags would work just as well for liberty-hungry Canadians. I know the Gadsden flag isn't really part of their history, but this one could be. It applies everywhere, regardless of which authoritarians are trying to stamp out liberty.

Sure, if the corporate media or Left-Statist liars ever discovered the design it would get called "right-wing" and a "terrorist flag" too. Those liars can't think outside of their box, so would be desperate to categorize it in a way that makes sense in their hallucination, no matter how wrong they are. So in a way, I'm glad the design never got famous, even though it has had some close calls over the years. This way it can still have some utility without the baggage.


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