Thursday, February 17, 2022

It's possible I just dreamed up the most evil superpower imaginable: The Unhealing Touch.
One touch from someone with this power would make any old scar open back up, becoming a fresh wound again (imagine if the victim had survived open-heart surgery). Any broken bone returns to its freshly broken condition; any internal injuries sustained over the course of a life return. At a minimum, their belly button would start bleeding. And it all happens at once.
Come to think of it, I know people with this superpower... if you're talking about emotional wounds.

Wait... what was his "job"?

The upcoming local primary election I had previously mentioned as splitting along ethnic lines seems to have seen those lines blur a little recently. Not a lot, but some.

The non-Hispanic candidate for the judgeship is the former sheriff who was forced to retire-- due to some rule that was on the books-- when he started running for county judge. (His parents were friends with my grandparents, but I don't know him personally.)

His campaign signs declare his "Integrity, Honesty, Experience". Really?

People of integrity and honesty don't go into legislation enforcement. If they do, any integrity and honesty will be quickly sacrificed in order to keep the parasitic "job", paid with stolen money. But it's the "experience" part that I find most disturbing.

He was the sheriff, not a judge. I see no claim that he has ever been a judge. Is he saying he acted as a judge in his position of sheriff? How? Did he decide which counterfeit "laws" to enforce and which ones to ignore? I know he frequently enforced prohibition and anti-gun legislation and "speeding" rules-- it was in the newspaper's weekly "Sheriff's Report". Or did he hand out punishment to those he captured? I don't think either of those things is a sheriff's "job", and if he did them anyway it discredits the "Integrity, Honesty" claim.

Not that I think the other guy is any better. His slogan is something about it being time for a change. Yes, it is always time for some changes. But there are positive changes and negative changes. You don't make negative changes just because you want to change something. Maybe it's time to abolish the position of county judge. That could be a positive change that removes one more political criminal from a position of power.

I don't need either of them.


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