Saturday, February 29, 2020

Getting mad at the wrong people

"People who don't pay the taxes they owe are stealing from us all."

Male Bos taurus fecal matter.

Like it or not, "taxation" is theft. You can't define your way out of this one.

You don't "pay" a thief; you submit to the theft if you are forced to by a power imbalance.

No one can "owe" a thief the money he demands.

And keeping your own property away from thieves isn't stealing from those who imagine they might get a cut.

It's not honorable to submit to theft; it's not dishonorable to refuse to comply. It's not dishonorable to hand over the money to prevent being harmed in an even worse way.

It's not reasonable to get angry at those who don't submit. "Taxation" is a lie.


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