Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Misdirected blame- government is failure

If your best argument against your opponents is to try to blame your own failures on them, you might be a statist.

I sometimes get amused at how often statists try to pin the failures of their religion on those of us who don't buy into their cult.

The Flint water disaster is a current example. Look how many times recently this disastrous failure of government is pointed to as what would happen if libertarians were "in charge" of supplying water.

Somalia- a case of way too much government meddling- is another example. I'm not sure how too much government, fighting to govern people who want no part of it, became anarchist dystopia in the minds of statists, but it has.

I'm sure there have been other examples I'm not thinking of right now. It's the best they can do. It's the only argument they have: to point to their endless failures and try to pin it on us.

I would laugh, if so many people didn't parrot their insanity.

But, back to the Flint, Michigan water problem. Why do statists believe clean water can only come from a centralized government facility? Do they miss the fact of all the bottled water out there, provided by companies large and small, all over the world? What about the water filters you can buy to clean water for yourself? Both household scale and individual.

Centralization is a way to guarantee BIG failure- to hurt lots of people at one time.

Decentralization limits harm by giving people a choice. Don't like that the water from your faucet smells bad and looks like murky tea? Stop buying the nasty water and buy good water from someone else.

And don't make the case that the government water is "free", because you know it isn't. You ARE buying it. And, by buying it through government, you are forced to pay for it even if you decide to buy clean water elsewhere. That's the only reason government can keep raking in the money for failure: succeed or fail, you have no choice but to keep paying. Just like government schools- another spectacular failure we are supposed to fear the lack of. And police.

The failures of all these are not reasons why we must keep settling for them, it is an illustration of why choice is better than compulsion.

They are testimony to the utter stupidity of continuing to keep government around and paying for it.

Even though its supporters want you believe its failure can be blamed on Liberty.