Friday, September 02, 2022


I'm late. I've started doing something I should have started years ago. But I have my (bad) reasons why I didn't until now.

My daughter is now 15 and I've started teaching her how to drive. I have given her the chance in the past, but I never really pushed the issue because she wasn't interested. Now she is interested and I discover I'm hesitant, and it's causing me secret pain to see her reach this milestone.

I'm pushing through anyway.

As most of you probably know, my older daughter was killed in a car wreck 7 years ago this coming November. So I haven't been terribly excited to see my youngest start driving. (I even get stressed out when I know my son is driving somewhere.) 

It's something I've been told I need to "deal with"... as if I can just switch it off. I try. I'm never going to just "get over it" like some think I should. This is bringing it up again, fresh and painful.

I do think driving is an important skill; one that enhances liberty. It is a right, regardless of what government would have you believe. I just wasn't ready for her to start wanting this yet. I'd probably never really be ready, though, and I have no right to hold her back because of my issues.

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