I ran across a blog where libertarians are being called "racists" and "white separatists" (which has since been taken down). That is a disgusting lie and is dead wrong. The blogger is just an authoritarian (he calls himself an "independent left journalist"-- fairly certain it was this guy) who is completely ignorant of libertarianism, but this type of nonsense could undermine the very message of libertarianism.

A racist is someone, anyone, who makes an issue of race. Just like this guy did in his blog post. Authoritarianism, whether of the "left" or "right", is racist. It depends on the tactic of "divide and conquer". Libertarianism is an open door, open to all who do not attack or defraud others, regardless of anything else. Only a racist could infer racism from that.

He claims to be reading all these "racist libertarian blogs". Investigative journalism of the lazy kind, apparently. I have no doubt that there may be racists who try to claim they are libertarian, but that does not make it true. I can claim to be a rabbit, after all.

In his last response, before "shutting down the conversation" by banning me from his now-defunct blog, he said that I am not a libertarian. He then said I am just an example of "more vulgar far right capitalist libertarianism". This socialist ("independent left") racist doesn't recognize libertarianism when he steps right into the middle of it since it doesn't fit his prejudiced notions of what he incorrectly, or dishonestly, wants to believe libertarianism to be.

My shock at running into this openly (though self-deluded) racist blogger was an eye-opener. After getting involved in libertarianism and anarchism I had forgotten that such people existed. Everyone has a "right to be wrong" in how they think. That is not the issue. The issue is when you begin advocating actions and trying to spread your hatred based on those wrong ideas.

Racism is wrong. Treating someone as a second-class person because of their race is wrong. Giving anyone "special perks" based on their race is wrong. Making an issue of race at all is ridiculous; just as it is to make an issue of sex or sexual orientation, or which side of an imaginary national border you were born on.

Based as it is on absolute self-ownership and non-aggression, libertarianism can not act in racist ways without violating its own core values. You can't be fighting for freedom if you are making an issue of someone's race.

Authoritarianism, however, based as it is on a small group of bullies controlling the rest of society, thrives on racism. It helps to keep people angry, resentful, suspicious, and hateful if you want to be able to pass endless "laws" against "them"- whoever "they" may be. So they endlessly fan the flames of racism, seeing it everywhere except in their own behavior.

Don't empower authoritarians by falling for this trick. Judge people on their actions. That is what counts, not silly things like how much melanin is in the outer layers of their skin. If you want to hate me, hate me for the choices I make and the ideas I hold, not my genetic makeup.

Everyone has the right to associate with whoever they want for any reason. No one has any right to control this. Personal responsibility and Darwinian selection will be much more effective in the long run, anyway. Don't expect others to treat you fairly or rise to defend you if you are hateful to any particular genetic group. If there are people out there calling themselves "libertarians" while advocating racist views, they are doing harm to the cause of liberty. They can not really be libertarians. If this is you, please do us all a favor and admit you are an authoritarian.



  1. Is wanting racial separation making an issue of race?

    1. Yes, because race is being used as the basis, rather than how someone acts or whether they are advocating violating you.