Monday, May 16, 2016

The feds are not the biggest danger to your guns

The right to own and to carry weapons- including, but not limited to, guns- is a natural human right. It exists everywhere at all times, in spite of what governments may say, just because you were born human. There is no legitimate or ethical way to restrict or ration this right. None at all.

This means the Second Amendment couldn't have created that right. It will still exist even if the Second Amendment is abolished. The right existed long before the first government was dreamed up, and it will still exist millennia after the last government has collapsed in upon itself.

People worry a lot about the feds making up new anti-gun "laws", but almost all those laws end up being enforced by their accomplices in local law enforcement. Law enforcement is always breaking the law by doing so.

"Just doing my job" and "I don't make the laws, I just enforce them" doesn't cut it. Those excuses didn't work in Nuremberg and they won't work in America.

Every time you read in the sheriff's report about someone being arrested on "illegal weapon" or "illegal carry" charges you are seeing how evil the local law enforcers are. I realize it may be an easy way to arrest someone who couldn't easily be arrested otherwise. It is still wrong. It is committing a wrong openly and then announcing it. It is arrogant and disgusting.

Who needs to worry about the feds with local bullies doing their dirty work for them?

I don't "believe in" the Constitution. It either created the problem we now live in or did nothing to prevent it. But many of those who recognize the evil of anti-gun "laws" still claim to support the Constitution, while also supporting those who violate it.

Enforcing any anti-gun law is a serious crime, if the Constitution means anything. It is a serious violation of natural human rights even if the Constitution is irrelevant. There is no justification for it. You can tell how much a person cares about liberty (and how much they respect the Constitution) by how supportive he is of those individuals who enforce gun laws. There's a term for those who enforce anti-gun "laws": domestic enemies.

The really awful thing is that while private property owners have the right to tell visitors to not bring guns onto their property (even if it exposes them as cowardly vermin), government has no such right, and is in fact specifically prohibited from doing so, by the document they point to as giving them the "authority" to exist. Yes, this means the "no guns" sign at the post office or at the government "public" school is a serious crime; not the rightful act of ignoring that sign.

But statists want to try to have it both ways. It never works like that and never will.

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