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Welcome to Kent McManigal's "Liberty" site.

I am an anarchist, a Voluntaryist, an abolitionist; a radical libertarian who wants to spread the word about real liberty. Rightful Liberty.

Please take the time to read my weekly opinion column every Wednesday in the Eastern New Mexico News.

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I am not a legal expert, and I have no respect for "laws" anyway. I do have a strong sense of "right and wrong" even if I sometimes fall short.

Please browse this blog and read my opinions on the issues that face individuals. Check back often.

The opinions expressed here are my own, and should not reflect badly on anyone else, nor on any group linked to or mentioned here. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

I spend hours each day writing, researching, seeking inspiration, and putting it all together for the cause of liberty. I don't force anyone to pay for any of it. If you'd like to partner with my efforts and help me keep this project online, I invite you to donate or subscribe. Thanks!

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