Monday, April 19, 2021

Advice to one faction of The Dark Side

I'm not on the side of any branch of the DemoCRAPublicans, but I'll send this warning to the Democrats: It's almost surreal watching you become what you claim (or imagine yourselves) to be fighting. 

In their zeal to rout all vestiges of Trump and his supporters, they are acting like Nazis. They are also working to rig the system so they'll never again lose power, and not even hiding it. 

It's interesting to watch them self-destruct. I've never seen any group doubling down on its own doom so hard-- and I've watched Republicans doing their best to do the same. 

I'm sure the Democrats believe they are winning since they seem to have all the power at the moment. They have control of almost all media, corporations, and universities. Even most of the most vocal public...for now. They'll lose it all if they don't wise up fast. 

Hopefully, they don't change course, and hopefully, the Republicans follow in their footsteps right over the cliff. 

The tighter you squeeze your fist, the more of us will slip through your fingers.


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