Monday, June 22, 2015

Good guys live Rightful Liberty- and so do bad guys almost all the time

Almost all people live their lives in a libertarian way.

If they didn't they'd be killed. Quickly.

It's only when they get a position of power over other people that they feel safe in being nonlibertarian/authoritarian.

That power might be a gun held on their mugging victims, or it might be a political position- but I'm making a distinction where none actually exists. Using coercion and threats to get your way is "the political method", as opposed to "the economic method" where everyone wins. "Why" you behave politically doesn't even matter.

Don't initiate force, and don't violate the private property of another.

The thing is, almost everyone already lives their personal life in a libertarian manner, and recognizes those who don't as the bad guys.

It's only when bad guys take advantage and wrap themselves in the superstition of "authority" that theft becomes "taxation", trespassing becomes "code enforcement", rape becomes "cavity search", murder becomes "officer safety", and mass murder becomes "war". I simply choose to not be superstitious. How about you?