Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why bother with the ceremony, then?

I recently attended a wedding. I was dismayed at how much weight the preacher who was performing it placed upon the licensing and other "official" recognitions. Even going so far as to talk about them during the ceremony- something I have never heard done before. Is this a new thing?

Sure, he talked about how the couple desired more than just the "legal" recognition, and that's why they chose the religious ceremony (and the associated fortune spent), but he kept emphasizing the "license" and "legal" aspects as if the ceremony were a mere show, and the actual marriage only hinged upon the State's blessing.

I guess that's why some make such a huge deal out of the gay marriage thing. After all, if the religious ceremony is that unimportant to the reality of the marriage, even to the religious, then what is left? Only the State's blessing.

If you tell me you are married, that is all the confirmation I need. If you choose to make it any of my business. I will never ask to see your permits. What sort of idiot would?

Never invite The State into your marriage! That's a threesome you really don't need.