Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Primitive guy hates consensual interactions

Is that you, Crow-magnum Man?

I recently saw some guy on Twitter who called himself "anti-civilization" and a "primitivist" who was responding to another person, telling him he hates "your government and your society".

Fair enough, but while I agree about their government, I pointed out that society-- the opposite of political government-- is a case of spontaneous organization, just like the market. 

So he said he hates the market, too. Not that I was surprised. So edgy. Don't try to trade with the guy or you might trigger him! I wonder how good his primitive survival skills actually are, as a "primitivist", or if he's all talk without any understanding of what primitive living, without any form of consensual trade, involves.

It's not surprising that he couldn't differentiate between voluntary actions and coercive actions. Between "win/win" and "win/lose". For some reason, most people can't these days.

Hating random things is popular. If you're that hungry to hate things, you might as well hate air while you're at it. 

As you probably know, there are "primitive" things I really enjoy. The market and society are pretty ancient; you could even say they are primitive.

There are also things about society I don't like; things I don't like about how the market works. So?

There are things I don't like about gravity, weather, and other facets of reality. But not liking things that happen spontaneously and don't involve anyone's rights being violated is just pointless. Maybe even a little dumb.

You can dislike those things if you want. It doesn't matter to me. You aren't being violated by them and no one is obligated to coddle your feelings about them. And you have no right to prevent others from participating in anything that's not violating someone's equal and identical rights.


I get a lot of inspiration from Twitter. Whether I like it or not. Seeing the dumb things people say-- such as the above example-- makes me think and gives me things to write about. Even if I don't respond directly to them when I think it would be a waste of time.

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