Thursday, July 04, 2019

When your idol is too big for your god

A family member (during our long hours trapped at a fireworks stand that must be the firework equivalent of Charlie Brown's pathetic Christmas tree) told me about a news story involving a business called Camping World, a giant Holy Pole Quilt, and an appropriately named town's government. It also concerns fines and a threat of kidnapping followed by caging (as long as the victim doesn't resist "too much").

A statist being fought by statists is always amusing to me. How do you like your "laws" now that they are being used against you?

Still, the flag waver is in the right, and the "laws" he is breaking are counterfeit "laws". If a giant Pole Quilt some distance away from the interstate will dangerously distract people, then so will a smaller Pole Quilt right at the side of the road. Or a tiny one on a car's antenna right beside you.

My opinion: The U.S. (not "American") Holy Pole Quilt disgusts me. But if it's not on my property, it's not my concern. Fly a Nazi flag over your home or business for all I care. Yes, I'll view your flag, of whatever design, as an indication of your character, and if your flag advocates archation I'm not going to trust you too much in other circumstances, but still it's your problem, not mine.

History will eventually view the U.S. flag the same way it views the Nazi flag today. (Some of us already view it that way.) But your property, your business. If you want to tattoo "I'm an idiot" on your face, feel free to advertise this message as loudly as you want. You're probably doing the rest of us a favor.

Happy Secession Day.

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