Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The victim isn't to blame for the actions of the thug

Does it make sense to claim that the violent criminal isn't at fault if he kills you because you resisted his attack? That the fault is his victim's? The victim should have cooperated; to expect a violent criminal to not kill a resisting victim is unrealistic. Right?

I've seen people making this case-- often. At least in one specific type of encounter with a specific species of thug.

By this way of thinking, parents need to teach their daughters how to not resist rape. Just like they need to teach their sons how to not resist arrest

What? Do you actually imagine those aren't similar? You'd be wrong.

The rapists operate according to rules about how they expect their victims to behave during the encounter. Their victims don't really have any say in these rules or how they are imposed. 
Police have the same kind of rules, but they call theirs "legislation" or, even more dishonestly, "laws". Their rules are no more legitimate and are just as self-serving.

Thugs are what they do.

How about parents teach your sons and daughters how to not violate people's rights. How to not become aggressive gangsters

Where's the problem here? It's not how the victims react, it's in those who do the attacking and expect to face no resistance.

Yes, I realize if you resist, the police may murder you, and copsuckers everywhere will blame you. Blaming the victim is very popular. But it's wrong. It's insane. Cops are far worse than freelance kidnappers and rapists because they demand your compliance. At least with the freelance thugs, few people will blame you for fighting back and killing the vermin.

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