Saturday, September 30, 2017

Live and let live... but...

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Nationalists, flags, and "leftist commies"

I see that the Sportsballer/Holy Pole Quilt flap is quickly separating the liberty respecting individualists from the collectivist State apologists. And it's not pretty.

Yes, your boss can probably force you to worship an idol while you are on the clock, but no decent boss would ever do that. And no self-respecting person should feel obligated to accept such a "job" offer. (Of course, thinking this way is why I am perpetually broke, so feel free to disregard my opinion.)

Declining to participate in a government extremist ritual isn't much of a "protest" if you ask me. Especially since kneeling instead of standing and repeating the chant is still participating. It doesn't even approach what I would consider a protest. But nationalists are easily triggered.

I also realize that the sportsballers have no clue. They don't understand what they think they are protesting, in most cases. Maybe a few do, but for most it's still just a form of going with the crowd.

But, if you are going to start ranting about how the "protesters" are "commies" or something to that effect, then you are aligning with the State, in the worst way possible.
Against liberty.
Against everything the country you believe you are standing with supposedly stood for.
You are choosing collectivism over liberty.
You are siding with Rulers.
You are the one acting like a commie, regardless of your projection and angry words to the contrary.

If you choose statist rituals over liberty, you are not on the right side, even if some of those you rant against are also wrong.

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