Saturday, September 26, 2015


If you can back your opinion up with facts and examples, it ceases to be "just an opinion".

If you can't back up your opinion with facts and examples, it remains "just an opinion".

Not all opinions are equally valid. Some are not valid at all.

Most opinions are neither right nor wrong. Red cars aren't better than blue cars. Chocolate isn't better than vanilla. Star Wars isn't the best movie, nor is Firefly the best TV series. My personal opinions on those matters are my opinions, and don't have any foundation in reality. No matter how strongly I believe them, and no matter how real those opinions are to me.

But the initiation of force is not your right. It's not "just an opinion". Your contrary opinions don't change the fact.

"Laws" violate people. States are harmful. Prohibition is devastating to civilization. Anti-gun policies KILL. Those are facts which can be- and have been- backed up by volumes of examples and history. You may have a differing opinion- and that's your right- but your opinion would be wrong. It is counter to reality.

If you're OK with that, then don't worry about it. Go your own way, think what you think, do what you do.