Saturday, July 23, 2016

The worst welfare recipients

There's a difference between being a drugged out addict without a job collecting welfare for a household full of kids, and someone who works at the DMV or city hall: the addict isn't "contributing" but at least he isn't actively harming anyone like the government employee is.

If your paycheck comes from the government-- even if you "work for it"-- you are on welfare.

If you use your welfare "job" to harm life, liberty, and property you are worse than any welfare recipient who at least doesn't go out of his way to violate everyone further.

I have more respect for the drug-addicted welfare collector than I do for the sober "tax" collector, the cop, the prison guard, the government school teacher, or any other government employee-- even if their job would still exist in a free society (but wouldn't be financed by theft, and no one would be forced to use their "services").

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