Sunday, October 02, 2016

Experts vs bullies

People get very confused over words which have multiple, even contradictory, meanings. One of those is the word "authority".

"Authority" can mean experienced expert in some specific area, or it can mean a bully.

In politics, it only means the second one.

That's because no one can be an experienced expert at running other people's lives. Sure, they might be experienced at doing it, and they may be an expert at getting away with it, but they are still only a bully.

It's why I never soil the reputation of an expert by calling him or her an "authority". It is just too dirty a label.

I respect experts, and love to learn from them. But I despise bullies and never feel bad when they pay for their evil. "The authorities" are among the lowest scum on the planet. Always and forever, and there's nothing which can ever change that reality.

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