Friday, August 31, 2018


Why are socialism and other horrible, destructive ideas so popular?

Much of the national news media, social media elites, and "entertainment" figures seem to want socialism and other manmade disasters because of the drama they create. Lots of people love drama. It's not boring. It can make them feel important.

A nice day with good weather and no major attacks by evil losers? Boring. Who will listen to your belittling sermon about what they should give up if there's nothing to be worked up and scared about?

Hypertornadoes and a volcanic eruption causing "civil unrest" with riots, looting, and killing? "Tune in to the Breaking News to find out what you need to know! Brought to you without interruption by our sponsors and FEMA."

Archation-- both freelance and State-- create drama. If you won't freak out on your own, they'll hand you a State which will prod and poke you until you snap. It's good for business.

Politics is the failure of society and socialism is the Sharknado of politics.

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