Monday, April 11, 2022

Don't put your life on hold while you wait

People aren't good at knowing what the future holds.

I watch a lot of gun-related videos for fun. Just a day or so ago I watched a video where someone was saying the price of ammo was going to be coming down. He gave his reasons and they seemed solid. Immediately after that video, I watched one where a guy was saying the price of ammo is about to skyrocket. His reasons also sounded very reasonable and well-thought-out.

They can't both be right. Someone is getting the future price of ammo right and someone is getting it wrong-- even if there are different factors, other than the ones they considered, which will be the ultimate cause.

I personally suspect the price of ammo, just like everything else, is heading up soon. A lot. "Inflation" is happening and there doesn't seem to be anything to stop it-- which leads to my next point.

The US gooberment's massive counterfeiting operation should result in massive inflation. Maybe even hyperinflation. In fact, it should have happened already. Maybe long ago. People have been predicting it, and I have been expecting it, my whole life. Yet somehow that bullet has been dodged so far. Why? Everyone has explanations and reasons, which all sound reasonable.

But the future is unpredictable, even when you understand some of what's happening. There are always things you didn't see or didn't take into account.

The US will collapse eventually. It's inevitable and unavoidable. I can guess when, and I might have perfectly good reasons for my guess. But I don't know, and neither does anyone else.

And it's not just the price of ammo and stuff. Will there be a solar storm to cripple the grid? Will some ID-10T detonate a nuke? Will there be floods and droughts and earthquakes? Yes, to all of it-- but I don't know when.

The smart thing to do is to prep, but don't put your life on hold waiting for it to happen. What will be will be.


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