Thursday, July 13, 2023

Bad intentions, conspiracies, statists, governance, and gaslighting

Some people just don't want to admit that there are people out there with bad intentions-- at least within the political realm and especially in the government they support. 

If you get them to concede on that point with overwhelming evidence, they still want you to imagine that people who have bad intentions are incapable of planning ahead to get what they want. They may claim these people never have actual meetings to conspire with others, so there is no overarching plan. They ignore the probability that these people naturally understand the role they are playing without having to discuss it with others like them.

What looks like an intentional push towards evil is just coincidence-- just a consequence of how things are set up to run.

Maybe it's a comforting delusion. Maybe it's a lie. Maybe admitting these things would make it harder to continue to believe the fiction that government is necessary and good. Maybe they need to believe it.

I am not one of those people.

I believe evil people are every bit as capable of thinking and planning as I am. If I automatically know what part I can play in the drive toward liberty, I give them the same credit to know the part they can play in the push for slavery and authoritarianism. I don't need to attend a strategy meeting to know what I can do that's good for promoting liberty, and they don't need to strategize with others to know what they can do to increase government power and control. It's built into their "jobs".

Secret meetings are not necessary,

And yet, every session of Congress, every meeting between presidents and prime ministers, every meeting between diplomats is exactly the kind of meeting that involves plotting to enslave the world. There's nothing else they ever meet about! It's not a secret conspiracy-- it is right out in the open for everyone to watch and for government supremacists to blatantly deny. 

"Gaslighting" is a popular claim these days, but it's been going on as long as governments have existed. And government supremacists are the primary villains doing it. 

Thank you!