Saturday, May 14, 2022

Dementia Economics says things are great. Never better.

I saw a tweet from the White House account praising Biden for how great the economy is. I called it Dementia Economics.

A couple of little things I buy regularly illustrate what is really going on with the economy. 

The price of one has recently gone from $1 to $1.70. The price of the other has gone from $3.50 to $4.25. This is just in the past few months. 

Those items are nothing special-- until I can't afford them anymore. 

One is something I need for one of the cats and isn't something I've stockpiled because it wasn't regularly needed until recently.
The other is something I do have a small stockpile of, but I like to replace it as I use it so that my stockpile doesn't shrink. If I buy no more, I probably have a couple of years' worth-- if I'm careful. Is that enough?

Those are just items I buy as a single purchase often enough that I know what the price has been. Are the prices of other things doing the same?

You know what the price of gasoline has done. And it looks like diesel may skyrocket... if it remains available at all.

Prices are rising, but my income isn't. It's not ideal.

Hold on to your hat. Unless something unexpectedly great happens, things may get rough.

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