Sunday, October 09, 2016

Politics- bullying writ large

In the past I have referred to politics as an attempt to live among people you hate.

Now, I think I'd modify that somewhat and call it an attempt to force people you don't like or trust to do what you want, while avoiding seeing yourself as a bully.

But, if you use politics and v*ting (or anything else) to force your opinions on others, you are still a bully.

Yes, I realize "they" are doing the same to you. They are bullies, too.

I wish everyone would just leave me out of their childish, yet deadly, squabbles. Keep your filthy politics and evil government to yourself. Hands off my life and the lives of my kids.

Of course, this is easy for mature people to do, but almost impossible for DemoCRAPublicans to live with. For them, it's all about the politics. And that is really sad.


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