Monday, June 03, 2013

Sneak on over...

He hungers for a "4 digit pageview day".  Just for fun, let's give him one.


"Nope, we can't sell you that..."

I don't get the whole logic of "laws" forbidding selling alcohol to obviously drunk people, or prohibiting the sale of Oxycontin to addicts.

Before long I expect to see similar "laws" forbidding grocery stores from selling food to fat people, or prohibiting restaurants from serving "obviously obese" customers.

Because, really, what's the difference?

In each case it's obvious that the customer has had (someone else's definition of) "too much" of what he is seeking to buy more of.  It's also obvious that it's no one else's business- until a credible threat is made of causing imminent harm.  And "might hurt someone" is never good enough an excuse for me.