Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American power lies in Constitution

American power lies in Constitution

(My Clovis News Journal column for January 17, 2014. This is the column I was referring to as "any chair in a bar fight".)

Have you been taught, or come to believe on your own, that Romans 13 tells you to obey the government official and all the rules he imposes?

If so, you have been tragically misled.

In America, "the powers that be" reside not in any person or group of people, but only in the US Constitution- as written for the average person to understand, not as "interpreted" by judges. If you feel you should follow Romans 13, the Constitution is where your obedience belongs.

Not with the president, congress, Supreme Court, local police, nor any local politician or bureaucrat- no person at all. Nor with the vast majority of "laws".

Those who insist you obey anything or anyone outside the Constitution are exposing themselves as not "of God" nor "ordained of God", but instead as the enemy of everything which is. By becoming a "terror to good works" they expose their true nature and have chosen to side with evil.

If a rule, that which most people would incorrectly refer to as a "law", violates the clear intent of the US Constitution by addressing something not specifically listed in the Constitution as a legitimate area for government authority, that "law" is not a "law" at all, and you are under no moral obligation to obey it. That, unfortunately, encompasses almost every "law" you find yourself facing on a daily basis.

Of course, Natural Law trumps the US Constitution every time the two conflict, but that's a topic for another day.

Real Law is discovered; fake "laws" are written. You already know you shouldn't attack people or steal from them; no law is necessary to tell you those things are wrong. Just about anything else is a fake "law"; what I refer to as a "rule" or "counterfeit law"- it uses legal language, is enforced, but it has no foundation. It is built on sand to violate your liberty for the power and profit of those who seek to control you and your property. You are not breaking Romans 13 by refusing to comply, rather you are scrupulously respecting it.

As long as a government employee is upholding the Constitution and not imposing counterfeit "laws" on you or anyone else, you can obey him with a clear conscience. But, if he is overstepping his authority and demanding you obey arbitrary rules under threat of force, you'd be better off being an "outlaw". When "laws" are wrong, good people break them. If your pastor won't remind you of this truth, I will.