Saturday, December 31, 2016

"The Masses"* don't know and don't care

You and I are not going to get through to most people. They simply don't care if they are being enslaved or violated-- especially if they believe they are being protected by someone else being "controlled" on their behalf.

I see this as cowardice and laziness, but they don't.

They don't know what liberty is. They actually believe cops and troops are protecting them and their "freedom". And they don't want to know they are dead wrong. They are content (or as content as they can be, under the circumstances) in their ignorance. It comforts them.

If you speak or write honestly, you will offend them if they happen across your words.

So be it.

You are not like them.

Just know that I know you are out there. I want you to know I am with you, as long as you don't archate. In 2017 and beyond.

You are my people; my tribe. If I can consider myself to be part of a tribe.

They are the weather. Obstacles to be avoided or dealt with, but otherwise not worth getting upset over. Which makes me think it's time for a bit of a change. Stay tuned...

*When I see "The Masses" I tend to put the break between words in a different spot: "Them ...", well, you know.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

"Cop" is a choice to molest, just like "rapist"

Being a cop=rapist is a choice to behave a certain way. A way which violates the life, liberty, and property of individuals. Good people don't choose that path. Not ever. No excuses or justifications cut it.

If a rapist=cop is shot and killed for violating someone, it's not a tragedy. It is instead a triumph of good over evil. Of right over wrong.

Of course, those who support the cop=rapist will be angry. They will question why force was used against the rapist=cop, instead of something less decisive. Something like compliance in the moment, and then seeking justice afterward "if it is determined" a wrong was committed. You know if a wrong was committed- you don't need the cop=rapist's buddies deciding for you.

Ethical people won't criticize or second guess when a rapist=cop is killed in the course of his natural, evil acts, but most people aren't ethical.

If you are violating life, liberty, or property you deserve to die. No question. And this upsets those who can't come to grips with what it is they are supporting.


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Relax. Just breathe...

I need to remind myself-- over and over-- that I don't control what others do. Not even close relatives.

If they do things I consider shameful, I shouldn't let it get to me. Their choices are NOT mine, and I am not some dictator who gets to allow or forbid their actions.

I shouldn't let myself feel embarrassed. They aren't me, and I am not their master, nor would I want to be.

Still, it sometimes hurts. Especially when I see it as something that just feeds the State and makes us all a little less free in the long run. Especially if I know some will associate that person with me, and might assume I approve of what they do.

People must always be free to make their own mistakes-- even the ones they foolishly refuse to see as mistakes.

I shouldn't allow myself to get so bothered that I say nasty (even if truthful) things. I need to be better than that. But, it's a journey, and I keep getting lost along the way.


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Jyn Erso- Star Wars: Rogue One

If you want me to trust you, you WILL trust me with a gun. That is absolutely non-negotiable.

If I trust you, I'll never ask you to disarm. Not in my business, my home, or my presence. Never. 

If I do ask you to-- or if I demand it-- you'll instantly know I don't trust you and I don't like you.

And, the reverse is also true. If you ask or demand that I disarm, I'll take that as a very clear sign of how you feel about me. Trust goes both ways.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Free riders"

For a large number of people, their concern over "free riders"-- people who get a benefit without obviously paying for it-- is what stands between them and accepting Rightful Liberty. And that is a shame.

A common objection I have seen is that in a free society, where one would contract voluntarily with a private fire department, if your neighbor's house catches fire and your fire contractor fights it in order to save your house from damage, the neighbor has benefited from your contract without paying anything. Your neighbor is a "free rider".

True, as far as it goes.

I suppose you could have a stipulation that your fire department is not to fight fires consuming your neighbors' houses, if they have not also contracted for service, so as not to contribute to their "free-riderhood". The fire department could just sit at your house, hosing it down so the fire doesn't spread to your property. As long as the contract was agreeable to you and your fire department, you could have just about any conditions put in you like.

Alternately, if your house catches fire and your fire department puts it out, your neighbor has again benefited, since his house is less likely to be damaged now. Perhaps you prefer that in this case, your fire company set fire to the neighbor's house in order to allow nature to take its course? I really hope no one would want that.

The "free rider" problem is greatly exaggerated. If people get together to build a bridge, and don't charge a toll for crossing it, does that mean an out-of-town visitor is a "free rider" if he crosses the bridge?

How would you know? He may be crossing the bridge to trade with a business owner who helped pay for the bridge; someone he wouldn't have been able to trade with had the bridge not been built. So is the business owner being cheated since he paid to help build the bridge and the visitor did not? What if this person who crosses the bridge decides to trade with a business owner who also didn't contribute to the construction of the bridge? Does this business owner never trade with the other businesses around him who contributed to the bridge? How did he get the money that he spends in these other stores? Is there no value in keeping his store open for the other people in town?

If you choose to pay for police or "national defense", are those who refuse getting a benefit for nothing? That depends if you ignore the fact that under current conditions, "national defense" endangers us all, and police are bullies and scum. Me, I'd prefer to just get rid of ALL anti-weapon "laws" and let the cost of being a thug rise back to where it belongs.

If people see a benefit in something, they will probably be willing to foot the bill. In a free society, bridges and roads and fire departments would undoubtedly be cheaper and better, since no bureaucracy is eating up the funds and producing nothing but more bureaucracy. There is no reason to whip out coercion to deal with this. A true parasite will suffer the consequences of his decisions regardless whether there is a "government" of any sort to punish him or not.

Besides, everyone will be the "free rider" at times. There is no avoiding it. I think this is only a problem if you look at the situation selfishly or from a "but that's not fair" perspective. Just accept that the times someone else is getting a "free ride" on your dime are paybacks for the times you get the same benefit. It all comes out even in the end, so don't keep a ledger trying to nit-pick every offense. Even if someone seems to come out ahead, are you really willing to give up a little of your liberty to make sure everyone pays in every instance? I'm not.

Not paying "taxes" for roads; using them anyway


PS: Also check out this article which has another, much more detailed take on this: Small-Town Anarchy

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Opinions must change to fit facts

(My Clovis News Journal November 23, 2016)

How often do you change your opinion about anything? When you do, what causes the change?

With the reluctance toward changing an opinion, it's amazing anyone ever does, on anything. Yet, it is possible, and it does happen. I have changed my opinion on many things over the course of my life.

When I change my opinions, I would like for truth, reality, and reason to be the catalyst. When I'm wrong, I want to know, and I want this knowledge to change me.

I am very suspicious when anyone tries to change my opinions by appealing to emotion. It reeks of manipulation. Emotion is the preferred tool when an opinion has no facts to support it. It happens every time.

This doesn't mean I always change my opinions for the right reasons, nor does it mean flawed reasons never affect me. I'm honest enough to know anyone can fall for delusions and superstition, and we all allow our biases to color our perceptions of reality. But I don't have to like it.

Often, the more I observe and learn, the more holes I see in my previous opinions. Other times, when I ponder things I've known all along, I realize I haven't been consistent. Then I can't rest until the inconsistency is dealt with. Facts can't change to fit opinions; I must change my opinion to fit the facts.

Changing your mind in the face of new information isn't "wishy-washy", it is smart. Sticking to an opinion by ignoring new information is a sure sign of stubbornness. It may keep you popular, but it stunts you as a person.

One particular change in myself is, while my personal opinions are still largely conservative, I no longer feel entitled to use force to impose my opinions on others. In fact, I see that as one of the worst moral failures possible. Good ideas don't require force.

There are other opinions I hold which might be considered "liberal", but unlike most of those who call themselves liberal or progressive, the thought of using force-- particularly the force of the state through "laws"-- to force others to behave certain ways is completely repulsive to me.

This personal opinion has only gotten stronger over the years. No one has ever given me a compelling reason to change my opinion on the use of governmental force. Their failed justifications don't even begin to reach the level of evidence I require to change my mind.

(Also, as the Clovis News Journal and Portales News Tribune are becoming The Eastern New Mexico News, here is another link to this column: link


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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

... or whichever Solstice-centric celebration, if any, you observe.


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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Must suck to be statist

I am coming more and more to the conclusion that statists are miserable.

They squeal at anything that threatens to poke a hole in their belief system. They assume the worst in every situation. They assume you mean whatever will offend them the most. They strike out with hatred at the slightest opportunity.

And, it's not just in response to me, but even those who try even harder than I do to meet them halfway.

They also see any disagreement as "hatred" and being miserable. They are strange, sad little people. No matter how numerous or powerful they are. They know they are on the losing side. And this takes a toll on their attitude.

Sucks to be them, apparently.


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Friday, December 23, 2016

If a cop kills me...

If I'm ever killed by a cop, I'm sure most of the community (however you define that) would decide I deserved it.

Probably because I don't excuse cops for archation.

There really couldn't be anything else they'd be able to use as justification.

I don't aggress, nor do I violate people's property rights. I don't even threaten to do either one. But, I don't excuse their "heroes" who do, and that is the biggest sin in the statist's mind.

And, considering that most people are statists, it means killing me is justifiable in their eyes-- if I ever act on my convictions at a "bad time" and refuse to comply with the bullies they worship.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Seeking a loan

(It has been taken care of. Thank you!)

If anyone would be willing to loan me about $75 for a month (probably less, actually), I'd be willing to pay it back with an extra $5 on or before January 22, 2017.

I've been waiting for a check that is owed to me for doing some work, and it is 3 weeks late. It will come, I just don't know when. And I can't wait any more.

So, if anyone would be willing, use the Paypal link over to the right. You can put "Loan" and the agreement to pay it back +$5 in the message.



The most important minority

The individual.

You are the only minority that matters.

So am I.

You are a minority of one among 7 billion-plus individuals who are not you.

So am I.

Whatever your personal religious beliefs are, more people don't share them than do. Even if you belong to the most popular religion on the planet, your fellow believers differ from each other in ways you don't even realize you differ.

Whatever your specific form of political beliefs, you are outnumbered by people who have a different take on how humans ought to interact.

Even if you are a statist, most people prefer a different flavor of statism than the specific form you favor. And if you actually believe whole-heartedly in individual Rightful Liberty, you are greatly outnumbered by those who'll find any excuse to weasel their way to justifying your violation.

Many more people have a different set of physical characteristics than your specific set- height, weight, body type, skin melanin content, hair color, eye color and shape, nose size and shape, whatever. You are a minority in everything that makes you you.

This is why you-- and I-- are the only minority that truly matters.


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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wrongness is a possibility

I am perfectly willing to consider that everything I have done, every choice I have made, everything I value, believe, or know is wrong.

But, that doesn't mean I believe someone else is necessarily right. One doesn't invariably lead to the other.

Judging by results in certain areas, the evidence leads to the conclusion that I'm at least wrong sometimes. Obviously, my economic choices have been disastrous. And I could always be more useful to others, and more sociable.

In other areas, I feel more confident. The only people who seem to have issues with how I have treated them are those whom I refused to allow to violate me. I even treat statists with kindness until they archate in my presence. This part of my life has been much more successful than the other.

And this is why I am more prone to give advice on not violating others than on financial subjects.


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Monday, December 19, 2016

Next, after LED lighting

Yes, this is an actual lamp I own. I found it in a junk store years ago, and bought it for a dollar. I pulled it loose from the plywood it was glued to, added a wick and some olive oil, and found that it works. 

Rather dim, but it works.

It's always good to have options.

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Keeping an eye on the threats

I think it's wise to know where all the Registered Liberty Offenders around you live.

That includes all the cops and other "law enforcement", of course, but also people like the mayor and city council members or anyone else who tends to archate for money, or as an unpaid position.

This also includes freelancers such as those who break into homes and businesses and rob without the "benefit" of a badge.

Bad guys are bad because of their actions.

In the event of a civil disturbance or societal breakdown, these folk are probably going to need to be contained. Know where they live, and where they are likely to be at any particular time. Your life may depend on it.


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Sunday, December 18, 2016

I will continue to defend liberty

(My Clovis News Journal column for November 16, 2016)

In the wake of the election, about half of those who continue to play the voting game are pretty upset because the candidate they didn't want to win has been foisted upon them. Or because the one they wanted, lost. This time around it was hard to see the difference in all but a few rabid fans.

Many of you are scared of what America will become during a Trump presidency. You fear a Trump administration the way others feared a Clinton presidency.

Perhaps you believe Trump will be the exception; the one candidate who won't begin breaking campaign promises the instant he takes the oath of office. I believe your fears are unfounded.

Maybe you are worried about a border wall and aggressive anti-immigrant policies being implemented. Maybe you are worried about his support for Soviet-style "stop and frisk" police state tactics. Maybe you fear he'll encourage violations against LGBTQ individuals. Maybe you have other concerns.

Whatever comes I make you this promise: in the event of a worst case scenario, I'll continue to speak out in support of your rightful liberty, just as I have been doing throughout the Obama administration, and the Bush years before that. America is the people; not the government. Government can't lead anyone anywhere they don't agree to go. Government will never inspire me to support violating anyone.

It doesn't matter to me which of your liberties are being violated, or who is doing the violating. It is unacceptable and I will speak out for you against all who seek to violate you, every time.

I don't care if the one violating you is a Republican, Democrat, Beltway Insider, an outsider, or a common criminal; male, female, of whatever "race" or religion.

No matter if it's for safety, "law and order", national security, the children, or "common sense". If you are being violated, those doing it are my enemy, too.

If I see you being violated I will do what I can, physically, to help you. If you are being targeted because of your "race", nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else which harms no one, I will do what I can to defend you. I would do the same had Clinton won.

No matter who is president, this is how decent people behave. Let's continue to look out for one another and make presidents more irrelevant than they already are. Americans will always be better than any government.


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Silly State-loving

States-- even in the context of states such as Texas or Colorado-- are an archaic relic. They don't reflect reality. They aren't a consequence of a shared culture. They are a gerrymandered geography established to let bullies divide the spoils. They are nothing more than another level of tax farm.

When I leave the house, I cross a "state line" probably half of the times I go anywhere besides my parents' house or the annoying post office.

The only thing that state line denotes is that a different gang is now going to be the one threatening my life, liberty, and property with its "laws"-- which vary from the "laws" on the other side of that imaginary line. Some of the "laws" on one side of the line are less nasty than the "laws" on the other side. Some of the amounts of theft differ. But, really, the "line" has no significance other than to the gangs of bullies on either side.

It's funny how enthusiastic some people get over those tax farms and their gangs.


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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Monopolies don't listen

... and monopolies can't last without government protecting them from competition.

The only reason anyone still puts up with the US Post Office is because of ridiculous "laws" forbidding anyone from competing with them in "first class" mail delivery. This government-mandated monopoly offers poor, and sometimes surly, service.

Around here, one thing they don't offer is home delivery. If we get mail, it will be addressed to a PO Box. However, more and more companies refuse to accept a PO Box as an address, insisting on a street address. For "security"- never mind that I have explained to them that actually having a chance of getting my mail is more secure than not getting it, and if I am to get it, it WILL be through a PO Box. Period. No matter how many times you explain it, they insist.

The old postmaster had her faults, but at least she would put mail with a street address in the PO Box. The new postmaster throws a hissy fit and has issued warnings that mail addressed to a street address will be returned to sender.

Last week I was standing in line to pick up a package when he started lecturing the guy at the counter about the lack of a PO Box on the box he was handing over- warning him that starting soon, such packages would be returned to sender as "undeliverable".

The "customer" explained how some companies won't accept a PO Box. Postmaster smugly said "They'll accept it".

The next woman in line spoke up and said "No, they won't".

Postmaster: "They'll accept it".

The woman in line behind her said "No, some websites will reject the address if it has a PO Box in it".

The postmaster repeated "They'll accept it".

I was beginning to hate the guy by this point, but I didn't say anything. I've run into the same problems. But, I have found a solution.

What has worked for me so far is putting the "required" street address in the first address field, and putting the box number in the second, without "PO" in front of it. "Box 123" for example, rather than "PO Box 123". So far this has satisfied both the shippers and the post office.

Well, a couple of days ago there was a note from the post office in every box (and a bunch of them laying on the counter and in the trash can) telling people to do basically what I had already discovered, but with one mistake: it said to include "PO Box 123". I know from experience that won't work as often. If "PO" is anywhere in the address, it will sometimes be rejected. But it was amusing to see the postmaster kind of admitting he had been lying.

So, I took one of the discarded notes and wrote my own note on it with the better information. We'll see if he spreads the news, or if he'll have to backtrack again due to giving his "customers" more bad information.

Government monopolies are NEVER a good thing.


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Careful who you believe

If a person does a good job of fixing my car, but believes disease is caused by evil spirits, I may still trust his automotive expertise, but I'm not going to take his health advice.

And why would I? Why expect him to be an expert in everything just because he's an expert in one area?

Of course, if this mechanic believes cars work because they are moved down the road by evil spirits, I'm not going to trust him to touch my car with a tool.

In the same way, no matter how smart someone may otherwise be, if they believe it's OK (or even "necessary") to archate, I'm not going to take their political or ethical opinions seriously. They have proved to me that they simply don't know what they are talking about on this subject. At all. Utterly clueless.

I think the olden term for this was "he's talking through his hat".

I love this hat for some reason.


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cheap, worthless "peace"

Does punishing someone-- guilty or not-- provide peace? Is peace only to be found through the government's courts and prisons?

If so, your "peace" is worse than stupid.

There was a murder in the vicinity a couple of years ago. After some astonishingly incompetent bungling by the cops*, and some false starts, they finally arrested the person they claim did it.

Due to various procedural legal things, the trial keeps getting delayed. A sister of the victim was quoted as saying "I guess we'll never have peace." She added that her family can only start healing after the trial.

What absolute pathetic garbage.

If your "peace" depends on finding someone, anyone, to punish, I would never want your brand of "peace".

*The presumed murder weapon, a bloody knife, was found by the dead woman's family the next day, stuck in the ground at the scene of the crime. After being missed by all the crime scene investigators for over 24 hours. Yeah, "we need cops".

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

When tolerance is stretched too thin

Some days I just don't have the strength to tolerate statists. Their stubborn denial of reality. Their love of aggression and theft. It just becomes more than I can take.

I get worn down and tired and have to just ignore them for a while. Or avoid them, if possible.

Expecting rationality and consistency from them is like expecting algebra from a goldfish. Ain't gonna happen. Sometimes I fool myself into expecting too much.

However, I will admit, if I can stay aloof from their silliness, they can be quite entertaining in their absurdity.


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Monday, December 12, 2016

Playing an aggressive game by aggressive rules

(Previously posted to Patreon)

Evil people exist. That's just reality. And if you are torturing one of them you are just as evil as they are, no matter your justification.

This is something it seems many people can't quite grasp- that if you archate you are the bad guy, even if the person you are archating against has archated in the past.

Torture is never in self defense, just as mass murder is never self defense.

Self defense occurs at the time and place of the violation.

If you are in the position to be the torturer, you are obviously not being violated anymore. Nor, is the person you are in a position to torture capable of violating anyone. You can claim he may have information to stop the violation of someone else, but you never know that for certain, and even if true, how do you know violating him will result in accurate information you can use to defend someone else? And, overwhelmingly, torture is used to prevent people from striking back at people who are violating them ("troops" invading someone's territory, for example).

As with all acts of this sort, my opinion isn't going to change your behavior, but I will make judgments as to your trustworthiness and ethical makeup based on your actions. If I see you doing things you have no right to do, I will not trust you or think you are a good person in general. In that case, I won't risk as much to come to your defense when I see someone violating you. I'll just think you are experiencing the consequences of the way you think the world should work.


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The Trump future

(Previously posted to Patreon)

I hate to admit it, because it won't win me any friends among my fellow libertarians, but I don't see Trump as Hitler. Not even as a lesser Nazi.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, I saw as Hitler... only with less charisma and a nastier demeanor.

It's not that I think Trump is one of the good guys. He sought and gained political power- so even if he had been good (which he wasn't), he would cease to be the moment he takes the oath of office. Those who v*ted for him doomed him to become evil. Or, evil-er.

I oppose Trump's police state desires. His "stop and frisk and take away their guns"; his border wall. His protectionism. His nationalism. All of it is wrongheaded and harmful to Rightful Liberty.

But I don't think he could become a Hitler, even if he tried.

Too many people are too suspicious of him, and the self-anointed "elites" are watching him too closely. Hillary would have been able to get away with becoming an actual Hitler; too many were willing to excuse every evil thing she did- for decades. Not so with Trump.

Sure, there is a core of Trump supporters who will excuse (or enthusiastically support) anything he does, but it isn't large enough for him to get away with evolving into Hitler.

No matter who the politician is, I oppose their opinions and actions when they whittle away at, or move away from, Rightful Liberty. Just as I approve of their opinions and actions which strengthen it- without approving of the politician. The person doesn't matter- what they believe and do does. Politician or not.

Having a president is a really bad idea. But I feel we dodged a Hillary nuclear missile and caught a Trump bullet. I just hope it passes clean through without hitting anything critical. There will be pain and blood, but perhaps it will shock some people into action.


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The true risks

Of all the dangers in the world, and all the possible ways to be violated, the risks coming from anarchists are so minuscule as to be nonexistent. As far as I can tell, I have never been violated by an anarchist.

No, all the dangers I face out there come from archators, looking to take my stuff and violate my person. And the vast majority of them archate through The State. They are statists- the largest segment of the archator population.

When I look around and realize that almost everyone I encounter supports bullying and theft, it can be a little scary. Sure, most of them "only" support evil within certain parameters- as long as the bad guys call themselves government and only violate me as much as their "job" allows- or as much as they can get away with.

No one has a right to be a statist who puts their belief into action. That's because human rights and statism are incompatible. Archators- particularly the variety known as statists- are the real risk, but they want you to worry about those who are no risk to you, so they can promise to protect you from them.

Don't fall for it.


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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Elections result in America losing

(My Clovis News Journal column for November 9, 2016)

 Presidents don't really matter (my chosen headline)

By the time you are reading this, the presidential election will be history. Which I suppose is better than hysteria, which is what it has been for well over a year.

Perhaps there are some "electronic voting irregularities"-- this year's equivalent of "hanging chads"-- casting a shadow over the results. Many will doubt the legitimacy of the results, suspecting the election was rigged. Actually, I can guarantee it's rigged, because "abolish the office" and "keep your filthy government off my life" are never among the options offered.

Be that as it may, I already know the results of the election, because they never change: America lost; politics won.

Yet, politics only matters to the extent you believe it matters.

Presidents have never been leaders. If you believe a president is leading you, look around. A leader strikes off on a path, right into danger if necessary. You either follow of your own free will, or not. If you don't follow, there is no punishment.

Presidents are rulers who sit in safety, sending others into harm's way. Either talking them into it, or having hired goons "encourage" them to go. At gun point, if necessary. Most rulers wish to be seen as leaders.

Live your life, taking responsibility for yourself and those around you who accept your help, and you'll be fine regardless of which tyrant sits on the throne.

You can keep shopping at the same stores, pursue the same hobbies, and keep the same friends-- if you didn't let the absurdity of electoral politics drive you apart. The fact is, government will keep dreaming up new "laws" to try to limit all your choices and liberties. How much you allow their legislated opinions to affect you is totally up to you. I suggest: little to none.

Don't stress over politicians. As author Robert A. Heinlein said: “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

All governments follow the same path-- toward ever more control, until their lust for control destroys them. I don't know how much longer this power-hungry government has. It doesn't matter to me. Even when the US government dies, America will go on to the extent you keep living your life by the principle of "live and let live". The future is yours, not any president's.

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Anarchy already works

Do you only refrain from attacking people and stealing their stuff as long as someone is pointing a gun at you to stop you?


Then anarchy already works.


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Saturday, December 10, 2016

No pressure...

... but if you are able, and want to, I could sure use some donations/subscriptions.




If you helped government (the State), you probably didn't do the right thing. No matter what you did.

Yeah, it's like this... only dumber:


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Friday, December 09, 2016

Poor, fumbling statists

Mostly, I pity statists.

The same way I pity people I'm watching who can't manage to do something I could easily do, after they have rejected my offer to help.

I watch them fumble and stumble, and get frustrated and angry, but still they just keep doing it wrong.

Stubbornness drives them onward, into ever more painful error. And I know I could prevent it. But I won't force myself on them.

I hurt for them, but they chose this path even after knowing there's an alternative.


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Thursday, December 08, 2016

For your own sake- just don't

If you hate (or fear) someone so much that you feel the need to advocate government to deal with them, you may not be on the side of liberty.

I see some do this with "immigrants", "drug" users or dealers, bigots, etc.

You probably ought to realize that the State is a bigger threat than anything you might want to use it against. It's like aiming a shotgun at your own head because you want to kill the fly on the other side of you. Using the State may seem like the only way, but it is ultimately suicidal in every case. Just don't.


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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Seasonal foolishness that makes me smile

It's not essential, but...

If anyone out there would like to chip in to help me with December birthday gifts and/or Christmas/Solstice/Festivus gifts, it would be appreciated.

And, if not, that's fine, too.

I'm not looking to give anyone a new AR-15 or ounce of gold (probably no one on my list would appreciate the value of those items like I would, anyway), and the bizarre overpriced toy my daughter wants most seems to be unavailable around here in any case, but a little extra coin would be really nice right now.

I have already spent more than was prudent, but that's my mistake, not yours. You have no obligation to help out.

But, if you were considering a one-time donation in the near future anyway, this would be a great time to pull the trigger. Various links to Paypal and Bitcoin are located over on the right side of this post.

In either case, thank you.


Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"Law people"

Don't be "law people". I'm not even talking about lawyers, cops, judges and such- I am talking about normal, every day people who really have nothing to do with "laws", but who choose to worry about them anyway.

Those are the people who hate something and think it's wrong because it's illegal. The ones who oppose Cannabis but not aspirin, due to the different ways the "law" treats the substances.

"Law people" ask "Is that legal?" before doing something. Or, say "But that's illegal!" when someone else starts to do something.

"Law people" disgust me.


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Monday, December 05, 2016

The joy of being wrong

You know what? It's actually kind of exciting and fun to be wrong.

I don't usually learn too much from being right- other than how others will react to it. That's kind of boring.

But, when I'm wrong, it opens up a whole world of possibilities to learn from. How can that not be thrilling?

Some of the times I have discovered I was wrong have led to some of the best things I've experienced. Some of the most mind-blowing revelations.

How can other people seem to not feel that way about the chance to learn more?


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Dependence on state an addiction

(My Clovis News Journal column for November 2, 2016)

Don't live a life of dependence (my chosen headline)

Sometimes it seems we live in a culture of dependency. Some people are dependent on drugs, while others are dependent on prohibition. Some people are dependent on other people; some are dependent on distractions-- electronic or otherwise. And more and more people today are dependent on government.

Being dependent is the opposite of being mature; of being responsible for yourself and accountable for your behavior.

Dependence on government, or its laws, is very similar to drug addiction. The long-term solution is the same, as well. Even if drugs are all around you, the choice of whether to partake is yours. You must personally make the move to take the drugs or to use the state, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Don't blame others' bad choices for your own. Even if everyone around you is an addict, you won't be unless you make the first move.

Don't imagine this will make you immune to the mess surrounding you; you just won't be making it worse. Being surrounded by government junkies will always be unpleasant.

Don't confuse dependency with necessities. You naturally rely on oxygen, food, water, and shelter. You can't live without those things; it's not an addiction. I suspect this natural dependence gets used as justification for pretending people require other, less helpful things as well. Becoming dependent on something unnecessary or harmful is tragic. It diminishes your life in ways you won't understand until you break the addiction. Don't trust those who claim relying on government is anything other than an unhealthy dependency spawned by weakness-- they are lying.

Once you realize you are dependent on something harmful, the smart move is to begin breaking the addiction. Start now. Ask for help if you need to. Don't wait for a free society, where government has been abolished, to take responsibility for yourself and get sober. Let your new realization give you motivation to begin exercising self reliance. If you can't go cold-turkey, begin weaning yourself.

Maybe you can even help others avoid the addiction, or get clean if it's too late to avoid. To be of any help, you must take care to not let yourself fall into the same trap. How can you expect to help others if you can't keep your own life in order?

Government is coercion, and is always inferior to voluntary action. Break free of any dependence on inferior ways of getting through life. You're better than that!


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How do you see reality?

Dilbert's Scott Adams says our brains are not good at seeing reality, but only at seeing a "movie" in our minds that is good enough to keep us alive long enough to reproduce. I'll assume that's true.

It's why different people see the same thing in such different ways.

Well, that's great but the "movie" playing in the heads of statists is incompatible with the movie playing inside healthy minds. Yes, it keeps them alive long enough to reproduce, so it "works".

I would be perfectly fine leaving statists alone to play their statism game, but they can't bother to return the favor. They are uncivilized brutes who demand everyone play the game their way or die. That just won't work.

I don't care what "movie" they see as long as they don't put it into action by archating, and when they do initiate force and violate property rights, it doesn't matter that the reason they do is because of the way they see reality. Anyone still has an absolute right to defend their life, liberty, and property from anyone seeking to violate it, for any reason.


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Saturday, December 03, 2016

No one believes they do wrong

Everyone always believes they are doing the right thing.

Even as they murder, kidnap, govern, rape, steal, and trespass- as they archate.

If they truly believed they were doing wrong, they would stop. You aren't going to convince them that what they want to do is wrong-- except in exceptional cases. They have excuses and justifications for what they want to do handy and rehearsed.

So... what to do about it? (Short of killing them all, I mean.)

The best strategy I've found is to live by the Zero Aggression Principle. You may have other ideas.

(I'm adding random pictures to the posts for a while to see if it helps visibility. Feel free to ignore them.)


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Friday, December 02, 2016

All governments are vermin

The bigger a government is, the more powerful it will be.

However, the closer to you the government is, the greater will be its impact on your day-to-day life.

That's why, in practice, the town council is probably equally harmful as a one-world government.

Notice, I'm not saying either is preferable. Both are vile and evil.

This is why nationalism is as sick as globalism, which is as sick as the desire to such up to the bullies in your state capitol, county courthouse, or city hall. All are vermin.


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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Blind faith in States

People sure have a lot of blind faith in the States of the planet.

They seem to believe the States are the only things keeping humans from killing each other. They seem to believe people are one whim away from mass murder- and only the State keeps us from carrying it out.

What about the State does this? Its ability to punish? Its ability to watch everyone all the time? Or some other even more mystical property?

How do these people act when no employee of the State is present? Do they either cower in fear, or start running amok? Or, is it all an act on their part? A comfortable lie?


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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Statist "flaggotry"- no, not Trump's

As a little bonus, for amusement purposes, (if you have Facebook, check this out: link)

Here is all that has been posted so far. I may or may not update- you get the gist:

My original post was this...

If I'm dumb enough to waste money on a Holy Pole Quilt, it is mine and I can burn it or bury road kill wrapped in it or do whatever I want with it.
In the same way, you are free to worship any Holy Pole Quilt you own, in any way you wish to worship it.
You are NOT free to dictate what others do with their pole quilts, and if you archate against anyone because of what they do with their pole quilts, you are the bad guy. And, if you get grumpy over what people do with their own pole quilts, you have upside-down priorities.

D B: I totally disagree that just anyone should be allowed to own an American Flag... and at one time this was true....

Me: "Allowed"?

D B: Right...the American Flag should not be 'for sale' that any PUNK can buy it and desecrate it... I am FOR severe PENalties levied for any PUNK that desecrates our Flag...

Me: Who would you have enforce that prohibition, and what sorts of aggression would you use to back it up?
(Plus, it isn't the "American flag", it is "the US flag")

D B: Schematics... and who in the hell do you think enFORCEs our laws?

Me:  "Our laws"? I have no "laws" other than the laws of physics which don't need to be enforced.
I do follow the Zero Aggression Principle, which is simply a promise from me to you that I will not initiate force or violate your property- and may defend myself from those who violate me or my property- but it isn't something like a "law" that I can impose on you and force you to follow.

D B: In 1968, Congress approved the Federal Flag Desecration Law after a Vietnam War protest. The law made it illegal to “knowingly” cast “contempt” upon “any flag of the United States by publicly mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning or trampling upon it.”

D B: I don't know who the hell you think you are but if you live and work in These United States, you must follow our laws or PAY the consequences...

Me: Human invented legislation isn't law. And writing up some counterfeit rules doesn't make them legitimate.(Also, I believe you meant "semantics" above... but maybe not.)

D B:  It IS law, violate it and you are a CRIMINAL that needs to be PENalized....
Me: Everything has consequences. If I don't comply with the rapist, there will be consequences. Your "laws" are just the demands of a gang of rapists writ large.

D B: When I don't agree with a law, I work to get it changed..I don't just IGNORE it and do what I want...that is the mindset of a criminal.....

Me: I am proud to be an outlaw, because the "law" is counterfeit. You would be one to insist that the "Black" slaves stay slaves until the "law" changed. That is evil.

D B:  Think whatever you want but burn our flag in public and you will go to prison and I for one will be on board with it. BTW, if you want to burn the flag inside your own home...go for it...just don't do it in PUBLIC...

D B:  You have the mindset of a criminal and I bet your pipe is full of whacky weed.. lol

Me: You would be wrong. I guess to you anyone who is able to tell the difference between "Legal" and "right" is a criminal. That's the mindset of a slave.

Then, under a different thread:

D B:  Btw, Kent....if I see anyone burn our Flag, I will not ALLOW them to get away with it... understand me, boy??

Me: You and I don't own a flag in common, but OK.Yep. Threats of violence- just what I expect from statists.

D B:  Shove your labels where the sun don't shine and I don't make threats, I speak FACTS...

Me: A statist is a person who believes that governing others is a legitimate human endeavor. If that doesn't apply to you, then please say so, clearly.
And, yes, apparently you do make threats- and then lie about it. If what you say above doesn't qualify as a threat, then nothing does. I guess you are lucky I don't believe in "laws", or I'd be using them against you right now. LOL

D B: Like it or not, whilst on American Soil, you will follow OUR laws or be arrested, prosecuted and hopefully put away where you belong.. I like to see the accused make their case to a jury and get a Jury Nullification on bad laws but a law against our national flag burning is one I stand for.. for all the men and women who spilled their blood so our flag can still stand...

Me: There is so much nonsense in that I don't even know where to begin. You are deep into the cult.

D B: YOU are the non-sensible one who beLIEves you can pick and choose what laws you want to follow or not... grow up, boy... actually, I don't care what you do, you are destined for a cage IF you practice what you preach which I doubt...a computer warrior who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk... or you would be in jail.. lol

D B: A threat is a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger.....Your own actions create the damage or danger ...but so typical of a criminal mindset to blame others...

Me: So, you believe you are "law abiding"? (You aren't.)
A threat is also a statement of intention to harm someone- which you did. You are a criminal- in the worst sense of the word- in more ways than one.

D B: I am law abiding to the best of my ability... I do not go about with the INTENT to break laws... understand the difference, boy? You have a very juvenile way of thinking...and as I said, if I don't like a law, I work to get it changed whilst lazy azz punks like yourself just go about violating our laws and spew Freeman on the land, Natural Man, sovereign citizen BS... lol

Me: You're silly. But it's amusing to watch you try to wiggle out of the pit you have dug for yourself.

D B:  LOL You call this 'wiggling'?? I've danced with far more nefarious punks than you...

Me: See what I mean? LOL

D B:  NO... you and I are on the same page but we have far different ways of achieving our goals..

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surviving in a statist world, sanity intact

I often see two different views on how to live "libertarian" in this statist world:

"Don't try to change the world to be more libertarian. You can't change anyone other than yourself, anyway."
"For the sake of your own liberty-- and that of your children and grandchildren-- you should do what you can to spread the message of Rightful Liberty any chance you get."

Those may sound like opposing views, but I don't think they really are.

I think most of us go back and forth from one to the other, withdrawing into their own little world when the exhaustion gets too much, and then striking out again when they've rested and re-energized.

I know some days I don't have the energy to do anything but live my own life the best I can. But other days, I can also talk to those who are curious about how their own lives would be improved by dropping the lust to control everyone else.

I'm not going to criticize either approach- both have their time and place, and both are useful.


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Monday, November 28, 2016

Craving trouble?

(Previously posted to Patreon)

Judging by movies, TV shows, video games, and other forms of entertainment, humans crave conflict and excitement. Even war.

I also see a lot of people who create drama and conflict in their personal lives even though it takes effort to do so. Things going well must bore them.

I realize the reality of day-to-day getting on with life doesn't make good entertainment, but why do people confuse "good entertainment" for "good life"?

Maybe that's why they don't want to believe a voluntary society is possible- they think it sounds boring. The conflict created by politics is much more exciting, even though it is unnecessary and ultimately harmful.

The same old, same old has been done to death. It's time for a new chapter. Or, even a new book. Not a reboot or "re-imagining", but something truly new.

Personally, I can see many opportunities for new thrills in a free society, not including the inevitable conflict with those broken individuals who will continue to want to take the lazy, evil way out. I really wish more people would join me for this adventure.


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. Thank you.

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The evil, lazy way to get what you want

Archation works. It often gets you what you want-- at least in the short term.

It gives you power, dominance, or unearned property. I would be an idiot to not see that it works.

You still have no right to commit it. Not if you are freelance and not if you are working for a gang (government).

Archation includes theft, trespassing, rape, murder, fraud, trying to control other people's private property, prohibition... basically anything that a common thug or government employee would do.

Because it works, you aren't going to stop evil, lazy people from doing it. The best you can do is to refuse to lower yourself to their level, and to defend yourself from them.


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. Thank you.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

No reason to fear liberty

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 26, 2016)

 Don't be scared of liberty (my chosen headline)

Real liberty can be scary. It feels safer to hand your responsibilities to someone else.

Don't educate your children; hand them over to be schooled instead. Don't protect yourself and your property; live as a distracted lamb and let the police protect you. Don't watch yourself and your surroundings as you drive; depend on checkpoints, traffic signs, signals, and "laws" to catch all the dangerous people so you can drive around in a daze. Don't think for yourself or observe the world and come to difficult conclusions; let the authorities tell you what they want you to know, and how you should feel about the information you are fed. Feel better yet?

Very few people realize this is how they are living. They believe anyone pointing this out is being outrageous or extreme.

But, you can do it! There's no reason to be scared. You can live in liberty while respecting the liberty of those around you. All the supposed protections and services you believe you are getting by handing over your rights, property, and responsibilities are inferior to those you could provide for yourself. Often, the results are the opposite of what you are told you are getting for the tax money and compliance, anyway. You can do better, or find better providers, on your own.

Observe what goes on and draw your own conclusions. Humans have been doing so with varying degrees of success for a very long time. Be willing to let go of bad ideas and false beliefs-- especially the ones with real-world bad consequences-- and accept the truth even when it upsets you. You will be fine. At least as fine as you would have been if you continued on your previous path of dependency. There are never any guarantees, either way.

Even if you don't want the responsibility for your own life, no one will force you to give up your comfort. They can't force you to be free, nor can you continue to force them to be your slave. Live and let live, in mutual consent.

If you have trouble there are people who will lend a helping hand. Surround yourself with good people who understand liberty against that day. The aggressors and thieves support one another against the outside threat of liberty to their gangs' activities; how much more helpful do you think those who actually support each other against the bad guys can afford to be?

Don't be scared. Take the first step now.


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. Thank you.


Not all "minorities" are innocent

One thing that bothers me is that, in their zeal to protect minorities from violation by the majority (or, more often, from the minority with political power), some people protect archators.

This is terribly misguided.

If someone archates, they need to face the natural consequences. Otherwise, they'll never learn better. It doesn't matter why they archate.

If you archate for "social justice" or any other reason you are just as wrong as someone who archates because he wants your property or your body.


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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Reality vs the delusion

I would love to be what cops are imagined by copsuckers to be.

I want to be a person who is helpful to people in danger. I want to be the guy who gets kittens out of trees, and holds doors open for women and old folks (for anyone I can, regardless of any of those things). I want to protect people and serve them by actually being of use.

But I would never want to be anything like the reality of what cops are. I won't violate people for "laws" or "the common good".

I won't pretend I have the right to steal from people to finance my "service" (regardless of whether anyone agreed to pay for it or not). I won't pretend that property rights don't apply to me. I won't pretend my safety negates all other considerations.

I would love for everyone to be this way. Then all but the most delusional badge-fluffers would see their coproach heroes as the unnecessary scum they truly are.

I'll do all I can to make this the reality. How about you?


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. Thank you.

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