Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grab it when you can

I have this habit as I walk along a trail (or a non-trail).  I see a bit of dried inner bark, or a nice chunk of chert, and I pick it up, knowing it is something I may need later on down the trail.  I don't worry that I might not need it later, or that I might find some later that is even better.  I am glad for what I found and take advantage of the opportunity.

Why pass up something of value to you when you have the opportunity to pick it up?  People who worry that the price of gold or silver might fall after they bought it seem to be doing this.

Don't worry that you have traded FRNs for it, and that the price might be lower tomorrow; be glad you now have it.  If the price falls later, get more and be glad you got a good deal.

And, if you don't want to have silver or gold on hand, don't feel I am telling you that you must.  It is a part of the survival strategy, not the whole picture.  I prefer to cover as many bases as I can- you do what you want.