Saturday, February 11, 2017

Civility all around

I'm civil to cops, politicians, and other bad guys in public-- as long as they aren't currently archating. I don't pretend they are anything other than what they are, though.

I have zero respect for thugs and bullies, no matter how they justify their evil actions. There can be no real justification for it. However, respect isn't necessary to just be civil. Never mistake my civility for approval of what you do, and don't think I won't turn if you start causing trouble.

I can be civil to those who are doing the same with me, and most bad guys are civil most of the time, to most people. Otherwise, they wouldn't survive. But they are what they are, based on what they do.

People who respect or honor these bad guys are also enemies of liberty-- but I apply the same civility to them, too.

Perhaps it would be more "principled" to always treat bad guys like dirt, in every situation and in every encounter. That doesn't seem like a pleasant way to live. I am willing to overlook certain things in certain circumstances in order to make my own life a little easier.


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