Friday, February 02, 2024

Seeing all sides; not buying it

I have the crippling ability to see both sides of many issues. "Seeing" isn't believing.

Recently it's the Texas government vs the US feral government issue. 

No, I don't agree with the feds; they are always wrong on everything, so don't think I ever side with them on anything, even if I'm inclined to agree on some minor point. They always screw it up somehow. Their institution shouldn't exist, has no right to exist, etc., and that's enough to invalidate their point, whatever it may be.

But the Texas government doesn't have an ethical advantage there. "States rights" is ridiculous because rights are individual-- states can't have rights.

Still, if the Texas government helps individual property owners fence off their land to trespassers, foreign (feds count as foreign) or domestic. they are doing the right thing (but with stolen money, so...). If they fence off "public" land, they aren't, since governments don't legitimately own anything. If you want the right to shut off access to the public, transfer ownership to an individual who has rights.

And if the feds trespass to take down fences on private property, they are no better than any other trespassing vandal.

I know people say "You can't have open borders [sic] and a welfare state" as though this justifies more government rather than pointing out what needs to be eliminated. Talk about hacking at the branches!

The same goes for the danger of new criminals coming into your town. You have the absolute human right to shoot anyone who violates your life, liberty, or property in a serious manner, if you can't get them to stop using less force. Government usually violates this right, to the benefit of criminals of every sort, but this doesn't justify more government; it invalidates another piece of government's pie.

What if these newcomers v*te for more socialism? Well, the current and recent v*ters don't have a good record on that anyway. Letting any majority have the power to violate your life, liberty, and property is so incredibly stupid, maybe you deserve to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer, too.

And, I am absolutely 100% against government importing people from other countries. If a government imports people, it must be completely responsible for them, their care, and anything they do. Since taxation is theft, the money to cover the expense must come from the pockets of the politicians who implemented the program, and the sales of their assets.

So, yes, I can see all sides, but I can also see the obvious nonsense embedded in the entire "debate". When you tolerate government, you're going to get outcomes like this. Maybe, don't.

Having the ability to think, even when you can see both sides, doesn't turn out well for government's position. Sorry, crooks, thugs, and other assorted authoritarians.

Liberty is the greater good!
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Thank you.

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