Monday, August 08, 2022

See all sides, but don't fall for them

I believe I can see all sides of any issue. I could argue for or against anything. (Not that I would, except in my own mind, because why clutter an issue unnecessarily?)

Maybe it's a bad sample, but no one I know in person seems to be able to do this. Not even a little. No matter how I try to get them to even explain what "the other side" would argue, they can't seem to do it. Which I find interesting.

However, being able to argue (or articulate) the other side isn't the same as buying what they are selling. Once I've reached a conclusion I'm not going to change my mind until (or unless) some new data comes in (which has happened many times over the years). Rehashing the same points I've already incorporated into my decision isn't going to change anything. And irrelevant data doesn't count. If it's an ethical principle, showing me how "dangerous" it could be if misused is irrelevant to my decision. Danger only figures in if I'm trying to decide whether to jump off of something.

If there's nothing new to add, you're wasting your time discussing it.

Of course, that goes for me trying to convince the other side, too. 

So, trying to convince the other side out of something they've already decided is probably pointless. The best you can do is to show all the information to anyone watching (who hasn't already decided) so they might make a better-informed choice.

Unless, as has been postulated, we all believe first, and then look for data that supports what we already believe. If that's the case, why discuss anything important with anyone, ever? You may as well spend all your time gossiping about people, or talking about what "The News" wants you to talk about. That seems to be the popular choice anyway.


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Sunday, August 07, 2022

Preparation can ease your anxiety

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 6, 2022)

If you are worried about the next few years, I can relate. Supply chain problems, inflation, the ongoing drought, and the possibility of political violence seem like they are closing in on us. An effective way to defeat the worry is to take charge of your life. Be responsible for your own well-being. Don't wait to be rescued.

You'll always feel worse about things you think you can't control. So, take control and do what you can, and you'll put your energy to better use than you would by worrying.

Stock up on things you'll need later, now, before the prices get higher. If they aren't available in stores at the moment, stay alert and buy them when you see them. Give local sellers a chance first, but if it doesn't look as though they'll be able to get what you need, try an online source.

Canned food is a good place to start. Dry rice and beans-- as long as you have the water to prepare them-- are items every house should store against hard times.

Please stock up on water, both to drink and cook with, and for cleaning and sanitation. You can never have enough.

Don't forget medical supplies, including medicines. Health-endangering prescription rules make it hard to stock up on essential medications, but this is something to take into consideration before it becomes an emergency.

If things improve on their own, having extra food, water, and health supplies isn't going to hurt you any. If things get worse, though, they'll be worth more than gold.

Political violence looks like it may soon become a bigger threat. Americans have irreconcilable differences, and it shows.

I would recommend you stay away from big cities to avoid the worst threat of political violence. Sometimes you can't avoid them, but get in, get done, and get out. The less time spent there, the better.

I have neighbors I know I can depend on, and I would do what I can to support them, too. I have neighbors I don't know well enough, and that's my fault. It's something I need to correct. You need to build community where you live. Community, as opposed to its opposite-- government, is essential for survival.

Doing useful things will help you feel better about the future. You'll feel more capable and competent. It's more than a feeling-- you'll be making it real.


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Is this an "assault post"?

"Assault weapon" is a lie. Yes, there is such a thing as an assault rifle, but that's an entirely different thing with a real definition. An "assault weapon" doesn't have a set definition; it just "is" whatever the anti-gun bigots want it to be today. Usually whatever they feel like they can get away with banning right now. (They probably want to ban ALL guns, but will take what they can get now and try for more later.)

I guess in their eyes something is an "assault weapon" if it is more effective than the base model. Or scarier, for some subjective reason.

By that type of... "reasoning"... an "assault book" could be a computer or a religious book. Or a science book. Or something by Claire Wolfe or L. Neil Smith. Scary!
Motorcycles might be "assault bikes". Or maybe a regular bike --if it has cards in the spokes and flame decals-- would qualify.
"Assault baths"? Showers. "They didn't have showers in 1776, so you don't need them today!"


Those who use the term "assault weapons", other than when making fun of ignorant anti-gun bigots, are too dumb to have their opinions listened to. You can be warned by the lies they tell, though, so you know how they plan to enslave you. That way you can be ready to resist, not to comply.


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Saturday, August 06, 2022

Respect the truth, not the speaker

It doesn't matter how horrible someone is, or how much I usually disagree with them: The truth is the truth no matter who says it.

This is something it seems most of the population simply can't comprehend. And they'll punish you for agreeing with truth uttered by someone they don't like.

It's best if you ignore "the masses" at that point. The truth doesn't turn into a lie just because you don't like the person who said it. Even if everything else they've ever said was a lie.

If Trump warned European politicians about becoming too dependent on Russian energy, or if Alex Jones answers an antagonistic question in court about elite pedophiles by mentioning Jeffrey Epstein, you don't have to like or agree with either of them to enjoy the truth of their statements. 

I've found myself agreeing with politicians and criminals (and just ordinary nasty people) of every sort over the years. Sometimes when people forward those emails full of quotes I can hardly believe the truthful things some monsters have said-- but if they actually said them (not to be assumed, for sure), the source doesn't affect the trueness.

There's a cost to ignoring the truth, no matter who it comes from.


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Thursday, August 04, 2022

GVE warn of MVE

I can't help but be amused every time the FBI (or some other terrorist group associated with the US Feral Government) leaks another "domestic threat" page (page 1, page 2). I've seen several over the years, and they are all ridiculous.
Now their "concern" [sic] is "Militia Violent Extremism (MVE)". I wonder if that has anything to do with the recent SCROTUM... uh, SCOTUS opinion on the Second Amendment. Maybe the dipsticks of the Feral Baby Incinerators are laying some groundwork for future terror plots they have in the works.

If anyone is a problem, it's government. Many of those listed on the latest sheet as "MVE" are problems only when they act like government-- and precisely due to their fawning over statist ideology. They are really GVE (Government-Supremacist Violent Extremists).

The FBI is a laughingstock. It is still dangerous, of course, but it's not something to respect or fear. Just take reasonable precautions and don't do dumb things. Don't cooperate or associate with them and don't let yourself get pulled into any of their terrorist plots. You'll probably be fine.


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Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Needs should be met by the people

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for August 3, 2022)

People see me say I don't want government doing something and often jump to the conclusion I don't want that thing done at all. Sometimes they are right, as in the case of legislation enforcement. More often they are wrong, as in the case of environmental protection, security, or justice.

Government is more likely to make a mess of the rest...

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Tuesday, August 02, 2022

"I'd hate to live in fear like you do!"

Crime isn't much of a concern to me. I don't feel vulnerable. I don't live in fear of it. I never have.

Yes, I know crime exists. I know it can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. I've seen it happen. 

I think government employees are a much bigger danger than freelance crime. Plus, you aren't "allowed" to defend yourself from them-- because they run the courts. 

In both cases, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of being violated. Nothing is a guarantee. Life doesn't come with guarantees against bad things happening, and anyone who acts like it does is lying.

Anti-gun bigots would have you believe that gun owners are consumed with fear. Really? I've never seen it. Certainly never experienced it. The only things I'm afraid of are things a tool and preparation can't defend me from. But it fits their agenda of lies, so they are going to keep saying it.


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Monday, August 01, 2022


A (human) member of the household came down with a multiple-test-confirmed case of The 'Rona about a week ago. It's the government lab gift that keeps on giving.

By last Thursday I knew I was coming down with something. But, other than a mild fever, some vague aches, and some intestinal "events", I've not really felt bad. I don't feel well, but I don't feel sick-- if that's not too confusing.

Then, one of the cats, Ghost, got sick at nearly the same time I did, and he has not done as well. Did he catch Covid?

His symptoms seem to have mirrored mine-- as far as I can tell without him describing how he feels in English. Mainly he has stopped eating; no matter what I offer, he usually has no interest in even sniffing it. Which might indicate he has lost his sense of taste or smell. (I didn't.) Or, maybe he just feels too bad to eat. He has snacked here and there-- just a nibble. In most cases, he soon threw up anything he did eat. He has always wanted to eat the cheap food I give the porch cats, so I "accidentally" left it where he could get to it a couple of days ago, and I think he did eat a bit, and kept it down. But I tried that again the next day and he wasn't interested. I guess the novelty was gone.

He does seem to be slowly recovering now, but still isn't interested in food. He isn't hiding all day anymore, which is an improvement.

At least, with the humans, this virus (if that's what I have) keeps getting weaker. Who cares if every variant is more contagious as long as they keep getting weaker? I just hope Ghost recovers soon.


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Sunny is at the vet for tooth extraction surgery today.