Thursday, September 28, 2017

Government needs you (to lie)

Government is empowered by lies. Its own, of course, but those aren't the most vital lies.

It needs your lies in order to survive. Truth kills government, but telling the truth has a heavy cost.

Expressing support for cops is either lying, or is actively supporting evil.
Denying that "taxation" is theft is lying.
Insisting government can be good is a lie.

Lies lies lies.

Those who want you to lie will look for ways to hurt you if you tell the truth about their gang. And they have a lot of power at their disposal. In the long run, lying in support of government is still more destructive and harmful. This isn't an exercise you'll survive-- but neither will they. No one gets out alive.

Lying for government brings temporary comfort, at a price.

Supporting government is an exercise in denial. It is denying the truth in favor of lies. It is support for the worst humans can do to each other. Why not just bite the bullet and be honest, instead?

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